Using MDX Query in Pentaho CDE

This blog will talk about Using MDX Query in Pentaho CDE

In Layout Section:

Design the layout of your Dashboard, from scratch or from a template – while defining the layout you can apply styles and add HTML elements as text or images.

Pentaho CDE MDX Query

In Component Section:

In side Component layout we are using different types of chart and table or other things. According to component we will provide Data source name and Html Object and some other properties you can also use if you needed.

Pentaho CDE MDX Query

In Data source Panel:

In side data source panel we are we are using driver like jdbc or jndl according to requirement. In My example I am using Jndl data source and Mondrian Schema like Sample data and query like:

Select NON EMPTY {[Measures].[Actual]} ON COLUMNS,

NON EMPTY Crossjoin(Hierarchize(Union(Union(Crossjoin({[Region].[All Regions]},
{[Department].[All Departments]}), Crossjoin({[Region].[All Regions]},
[Department].[All Departments].Children)), Crossjoin([Region].[All Regions].Children,
{[Department].[All Departments]}))), {[Positions].[All Positions]}) ON ROWS

from [Quadrant Analysis]

Note: Below Image you can see the Process.

Pentaho CDE MDX Query

Preview Panel:

After Applying all those thing what I mentioned in above information the output will show like these. This output is same as OLAP creation output in MDX query. You can compare both output.

Pentaho CDE MDX Query

Pentaho CDE MDX Query

Note: When you are start working in MDX Query in Pentaho CDE. You have to first know how to use OLAP Kettle -MDX OLAP. After that you can use that MDX query inside Pentaho CDE (Pentaho Community Dashboard).


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