This blog will talk about SCD Type 1 Implementation on Pentaho Data Integrator

Slowly Changing Dimension Type 1 does not preserve any historical versions of the data .
This methodology overwrites old data with new data, and therefore stores only the most current information. In this article let’s discuss the step by step implementation of SCD Type 1 using Pentaho.
The number of records we store in SCD Type 1 does not increase exponentially as this methodology overwrites old data with new data
Create table in Database for source and target and Create connections for database.

Table Input Step:

SCD Penthao

Drag and Drop the table input in spoon workspace and give the connection, then click on get select statement.

Then Click on ok.

Database Lookup:-

Drag And Drop The Database Lookup. Double Click on Database Lookup And Set The Following properties  and then click on ok.:-

SCD Penthao 2

Filter Rows:-

Set The following properties  of filter rows and click on ok.

SCD Penthao 3

Select Values:-

Before you work on select values, connect the table output and specify all the database field on to the output step.

SCD Penthao 4

Table Output :-

SCD Penthao 5


Set The Following On Update  and click on ok.

SCD Penthao 6

Program should Like the Following Figure :-

SCD Penthao 7


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