Roles and Permissions in Lifeary 

Role is a collection of permissions. In liferay, We can create role  and assign this particular role to any user. After assigning, this user will inherit all the assigned permisions. There are different kind of roles in liferay:

1) Regular Role

2) Organizaition Role

3) Site role

To define permissions of role (either you can create a separate role or you can modify existing role), Login with administrator user in liferay and go to CONTROL PANEL.

In left hand side panel (inside portal section), there is “Roles” menu. Click on this Roles, you can  see list of available roles in liferay portal.

Now, to see what actions are available, click on “Actions” button. After clicking you can see different options, such as:

Edit: lets you change the name, title or description of the role.

Permissions: allows you to define which users, user groups or roles have permissions to edit the role.

Define Permissions: defines what permissions this role grants. This is outlined in the next section.

Assign Members: lets you search and select users in the portal to be assigned to this role. These users will inherit any permissions that have been assigned to this role.

View Users: allows you to view the users who have been assigned to this role.

Now, lets see how to define permission for any role.

Click on “Define permissions”  menu. Liferay will redirect to Define permissions page where you can see portlets list and assigned permissions which have been already assigned to this role.

Now, suppose if we want to provide functionality to any organization user to add iframe on the page, we can do this by following steps: ,

Search that specific portlet (IFRAME) in “Add permission” drop down list. You can see that list  above of portlet list on the same page.

When you select portlet, it shows the list of permission which we can change. e.g Add to Page, Configurations, Permissions, View.  You can check/Uncheck permissions according to your requirement.  Check “Add to Page” and Save. Assign this role to any user.

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