The issues pertaining to driver and jar files is quite common in the connectivity sector. In this blog we will concentrate on how to resolve the same with MYSQL as our selected DB. Initially when we get an error as the below screenshot shows, it simply implies that something is wrong with the JAR file which creates the connectivity between the DB and the pentaho schema workbench. Usually more often than not if the required JAR file is missing ,you’ll get an error something like the below screenshot when we try to create a connection giving all the necessary credentials required for the connection.


To resolve the same download the latest JAR file for MySQL database which in our case is mysql-connector-java-5.1.18-bin. After downloading copy the JAR file to the following directory C:\Pentaho\biserver-ce\schema-workbench\drivers

Once all the above steps are completed restart the schema workbench. Try connecting now and hopefully you’ll get the connectivity issue resolved.


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