This blog will talk about how to make the report compatible with another version where it is being deployed.

Software used :- I-report, jasperserver (any version)


Step1) Open Your  report(.jrxml) in i-report

Jasper Version compatibility issue

step2)Goto Tool menu->options ->ireport menu->general->compatability

Jasper Version compatibility issue2

Step 3)select version which you want of jasperserver.

Here eg: jasperreport 4.1.3

Step4)goto (.jrxml) file of report  and make some  little change like set band height whatever you want and save it and update to server-repository navigator.

Step 5)check on your jasper server

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  1. Ajranit

    Hi,I have to generate a PDF/A rerpot by Jasper Reports: this option is supported from VRM 4.1.2.I have installed jasperrerpots-4.6.0.jar (with iText 2.1.7) and I have chosen the value PDF/A-1B (and also PDF/A-1A ) in the option PDF/A Conformance in IReport, but the file generated isn’t a PDF/A file. Can you help me?

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