Latest features available in JasperReport Server 6.4

Following are the different features available in JasperReport Server 6.4
1. Export options for organization admins.
In JasperReport Server 6.3 only ROLE_SUPERUSER has export options but in JasperReport Server 6.4 export option is available for organization admins which is the User with ROLE as ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR.Now ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR have option to export.
2. Superusers have new option to export resources and folders with full resource path.
In JasperReport Server 6.4 superusers have new option to export resources and folders with full resource path.We have option to check/uncheck option for full source path while export.You can see the folder structure with check/uncheck full resource path after export shown below :

For example : If we export Adhoc Component with full resource path the folder sturcture will be :


Without full resource path, in export will get path as below :


3. Organizational admins have access to include/exclude dependencies.
In JasperReport server 6.4 for Organizational admins, we have option to include/exclude dependency option while export this will help us if you dont want to override the previous resource changes while import.Let us assume
if you have your own datasource and you want to import same Resource having its own datasource which you dont want to override in such cases this will help you.

4. Dashlets have hyperlink control.
In JasperServer 6.4 dashboard , new functionality of hyperlink is provided for each dashlet shown below :
You use hyperlink control for dashlet we need to enable the hyperlink control
Hyperlink control provides different actions :
1. Update Page : On dashlet hyperlink(click), dashlet will get update.
2. Open new page : On dashlet click, hyperlinked report/resource get open in new page.

3. Replace page : On dashlet hyperlink click , dashlet get replace with another hyperlinked report.
5. Undo-Redo action buttons changes in input control values.
In JasperServer 6.4 dashboard , undo-redo action buttons changes to input control values which we have set in dashboard input control.

6. More formatting options for text dashlets.
In JasperServer 6.4 dashboard , text dashlets have more formatting options.You can change the font type ,font size, alignments etc for text dashlets shown below :
We can set hyperlinks on text dashlets.To set hyperlink on text dashlet we need to enable the hyperlink as shown below :
In this way , we can do more formatting changes for text dashlets.
7. Include theme option while import option.
In JasperReport Server 6.4 include theme option is provided while import , if user dont want to include the theme he/she can uncheck the include theme option as shown below :
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