Jasper server upgrade steps from CP 5.x to EE/Pro 6.x

Here we will see how to upgrade Jasper Server Community 5.6 to Jasper Server Enterprise 6.2

Jasper Server 5.6 Community,Java 1.8,Jasper Server 6.2 binary.zip,Linux Environment,PostgreSQL

Step 1:
First Take Backup of Jasper server repository folder of Jasper Server 5.6

It should be present inside <Tomcat_Home>/webapps
Backup of Jasper server DB in PostgreSQL

Step 2:

  • Unpack zip file (jasperreports-server-6.0-bin.zip)
  • Copy postgresql_master.properties from
    <js-install-cp>/buildomatic/sample_conf/postgresql_master.properties  and paste to <js-install-cp>/buildomatic
  • Rename the file to default_master.properties
  • Edit default_master.properties
    appServerType = tomcat7
    appServerDir = /opt/jasperreports-server-cp-5.6.0/apache-tomcat //here we should provide tomcat instalation path
    webAppNamePro = jasperserver-pro // if we are upgrading to Enterprise version

Step 3:
Take backup of whole repository from Jasper Sever(js-cp-export.zip)3

Alternative through command prompt
1.Navigate to the buildomatic directory
                                    cd <js-install-cp>/buildomatic
2.Run buildomatic with the export target
                                   ./js-ant export-everything-ce -DexportFile=js-cp-export.zip

Step 4:
 Stop Application server (Tomcat)
Start Database server (Postgres)

Step 5:
 Run the following commands
Change path to <js-install-cp>/buildomatic

        jsant dropjsdb  // it will delete your jasperserver db
        jsant createjsdb  //recreate your jasperserver db
        jsant initjsdbpro  // initialize the database.
        jsant importminimalpro //Adds superuser, Themes, and default tenant structure
        js-ant import-upgrade -DimportFile=<path>/js-cp-export.zip -DimportArgs=”–include-server-settings” //The -DimportFile argument should point to the js-cp-export.zip file you created earlier.
       jsant importsampledataupgradepro // This step is optional.Loads the 6.4 commercial sample data.
       jsant deploywebappcptopro // Delete the CP war file, and deploy the commercial (pro) war file.

Step 6:
 Set up the JasperReports Server License.
Copy the <js-install-cp>/jasperserver.license file to the /root

References –

Satya Gopi Parisa,
BI Developer.

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