How to use Custom Component in Jaspersoft Studio:

This Blog will teach you how to use Custom component in Jaspersoft studio.

A Custom component allows the BI Developer to enhance the functionality of Jasperreports engine by adding some custom visualized components.

By using Custom Component , we can able to develop anything like tables , charts , etc …

Steps to create Custom Component :

# 1.      Go to File -> New -> Others

Custom# 2 .     Select Custom Component

CustomThen Click Next.

# 3. There you will get 3 samples , you can select any one of them and give your Project Name.

Then Click on Next.

d3charts# 4. You can see in the left side , one folder is created named same as the above metioned name.

project explorer

# 5. Right click on build.js -> Buid Component

# 6.After thet In the same folder double click “d3_Circle_sample.jrxml” , Preview it

You will get the Output as :




Thanks ,

Rupam Bhardwaj


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  1. Kunal Kriplani

    Hi Sir,
    First of all, I would like to thank you for the easy to use guide here on Custom Visualization.
    Secondly, I would like to know if it is possible to use various other Custom Visualization other than the three mentioned in the Custom Visualization Wizard, for example, I would like to use a scrollbar in my highly populated bar chart, is it possible to place a a Custom visualization component over a bar chart (keeping the bar chart of a greater width) in order to avail the scrollbar?
    Also, I have noticed that Highstockjs and amchartjs (two complete different js) support the scrollbar function in a bar chart.
    I hope I am clear with the question. Please guide me if i am wrong.
    Thank you,

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