How to Optimize Tmap Component in Talend


Optimize Tmap component in Talend

If Lookup table has few rows:

  • Open tmap select lookup model as Load Once .This will load lookup data one time before mail flow starts.
  • This Lookup data will be stored in memory then main flow execution is very fast with comparing with lookup data in memory.

IF lookup table data is very large:

Talend cannont store the lookup table data in memory. you will get java heap space Execption. To resolve this issue follow the below steps

  • open tmap
  • go to lookup table
  • click on tmap settings
  • select the value for store temp data property to True
  • click on ok
  • In Tmap properties basic settings  set Temp Data Directory path by browsing folder
  • Go to Advance settings
  • set  max buffer size(nb of row) to some value based on  lookup condition data type

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