Display Text Values Diagonally in Japser Reports

Here we will discuss how to display the Text Values Diagonally in  Jasper Reports with a simple Example,
Prerequisites:: Ireport 5.6 ,Jasper server 5.6
DataBase : Foodmart
In this Example ,we will display the column headers diagonally by using a Table Component
Step 1:Create a sample report contains Table Component


Step 2: Next Increase the Column Height and do the below changes


After the above changes the Report looks like


Step 3:Assign the below property for the column headers :


Step 4:Then Deploy the Report in Jasper Server,then the output will be


We need to use overrides_custom.css to see Text field as Diagonally ,in overrides_custom.css file include the below code and make it as a default theme

.table_header  span

After making the Theme as  Default Theme,re-run the Report ,Output :


Satya Gopi Parisa,
BI Developer.

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