Unified Social - Social Business Intelligence

Unified Social Media : Social Media Analytics

Domain : Social Media Platform Management

Geography : US

Client Description :

Unified is the enterprise marketing technology company for brands and agencies that need to activate social audiences and impact consumer actions.  They are managing the social media platform for many big clients and for them they are running campaigns. To manage all this, they have developed a platform known as Unified Social Media Operating Platform (USOP). This USOP was developed on Django platform. They have many fortune 500 clients in their clientele like Microsoft, MTV, Samsung, GE, Nestle etc. Now they want to leverage all the high end functionality provided by Jaspersoft and want to migrate USOP to Jaspersoft with additional functionality like reports, dashboards, Adhoc reporting etc. Helical was responsible for development of the social BI platform along with innumerable reports, dashboards, OLAP cubes, analysis, application integration, white labeling of the solution etc.

Website : www.unifiedsocial.com