Sagence Learning : Education Domain

Domain : Education

Geography :  US

Client Description :

Founded in 2007, Sagence is a publisher of college-level textbooks and educational supplements. BNET recognized Sagence learning as an industry innovator for introducing an abundance-based disruptive business model to the college textbook industry. Doing pioneering work in E-learning domain, Sagence Learning was the first to make all books digitally avalaible, also in mobile versions.

Helical IT helped Sagence to evaluate the BI tool Jaspersoft, by doing a POC for them which included Reporting, White Labelling, Dashboards etc. Now we handle the complete project which includes the work mentioned above along with Custom Authentication, Data Base Switcher & certain customizations. Helical is helping to build a parallel BI platform to Tableau with much lower total cost of ownership and without compromising on the functionalities.