PCNI : NGO BI Solution

Domain : NGO

Geography : US

Client Description :

Pathways Community Network Institute is a nonprofit organization that strengthens responses to poverty and homelessness through increased collaboration and effective use of data and technology. Pathways data and services empowers other NGOs to coordinate and provide better services, monitoring the impact of these services through data analysis.

Helical had built their entire data quality application from scratch. This application allowed an end user to see the relevant information based upon various selection of projects, data elements etc. The application is screen size friendly and works on any browser and device. Additional capabilities included email scheduling, repository level operations, exporting, printing, user and role management, search, pre-defined templates and user creatable templates. The data being used is of HMIS (homeless information management system).

The data quality application platform was built using Helical Business Intelligence framework (HDI : Helical Dashboard Insight).

Website :  www.pcni.org

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