Envision Global Leadership – Training & Leadership

Domain : Training and Leadership

Geography : USA

Client Description :

Client Description : Envision is into training and leadership, helping companies to grow and develop through transformational change. Their suite of services include training, assessment, leadership classes, teleseminars, webinars, etc.

Envision makes its client fill a customized survey via Lime-survey, and based on the replies various reports are generated. Helical had helped in developing ETL for fetching the data from Lime-survey, populating the data, creating many reports with customized charts (candlestick charts), customized dynamic text based on the responses etc. For developing the solution stack for them, we had used Helical proprietary Business Intelligence Framework (HDI : Helical Dashboard Insight). Couple of charts which were not at all available in the market were created by us using our BI framework. Other additional capabilities were added as well regarding user and role management, changing the textual and charts properties of the reports by the admin (non technical UI for the same) etc. Automation of ETL jobs were done and also a UI was created for starting, administering, controlling these ETL scripts.

Website : www.envisiongloballeadership.com

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