CA Technologies

CA Technologies : IT Domain

Domain : IT

Geography : US, India

Client Description :

Established in 1976 CA Technologies is a public listed and is one of the worlds biggest software corporation. The software and services provided by them are being used by many Fortune 500 companies.

Helical had played an instrumental role in the product development initiative of CA Technologies. They are developing a project management software and had chosen Jaspersoft Enterprise edition for embedding Business Intelligence capabilities.

Helical had done the BI solution development. Also many D3 charts like bubble chart, sankey chart, skill-matrix, calendar charts were created using the data and were integrated inside Jaspersoft 5.6. The Jaspersoft application was integrated inside the product using jasper libraries integration method with proper user and role management. Aside other features of Jaspersoft like reports, dashboards, email bursting etc were as well used to build the BI stack.

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