Unified Social Media : Social Media Analytics

Domain : Social Media Platform Management
Geography : US
Client Description : Unified is the enterprise marketing technology company for…Read More

hCentive : Healthcare Insurance

Domain : hCentive - Healthcare Software Insurance
Geography : US & India
Client Description : hCentive provides cloud-based, healthcare technology solutions…Read More

Sage Human Capital : HR Business Intelligence

Domain : Sage Human Capital - HR Capital Consulting
Geography : USA
Client Description : It is a human capital…Read More

IBNTech : Travel Domain

Domain : Travel Domain
Geography : Pune, India
Client Description : IBNtech is a fast growing technology company providing solutions…Read More

Predikto : Manufacturing Domain

Domain : Asset Intensive Organizations
Geography : Atlanta, United States
Client Description : Predikto is helping a lot of companies…Read More

Numerify : Business Analytics on Cloud

Domain : Business Analytics
Geography : US and India
Client Description : Numerify is a funded futuristic company which wants…Read More

Envision Global Leadership - Training & Leadership

Domain : Training and Leadership
Geography : USA
Client Description :
Client Description : Envision is into training and leadership,…Read More

PCNI : NGO BI Solution

Domain : NGO
Geography : US
Client Description : Pathways Community Network Institute is a nonprofit organization that strengthens responses…Read More

CA Technologies : IT Domain

Domain : IT
Geography : US, India
Client Description : Established in 1976 CA Technologies is a public listed and…Read More

Technip : Energy and Utility Domain

Domain : Oil & Energy
Geography : Global
Client Description : With more than 30,000 employees worldwide, Technip is a…Read More

SyncHR : Human Resource Domain

Domain : Human Resource
Geography : USA
Client Description : SyncHR is an organization that provides HR solution for the…Read More

Bitach : Insurance Domain

Domain: Insurance
Geography : USA
Client Description : Bitach is a Financial company specializing in Account Receivable Management, offering range…Read More

Canadian Bearings : Supply Chain Domain

Domain : Supply Chain
Geography :  US
Client Description : Canadian Bearing is an organization specializing in supply chain management.…Read More

University of Bridgeport : Education Domain

Domain : Education
Geography : US
Client Description : University of Bridgeport (UB) is a private, independent university which provides…Read More

Sagence Learning : Education Domain

Domain : Education
Geography :  US
Client Description : Founded in 2007, Sagence is a publisher of college-level textbooks and educational…Read More

Komet Sales

Domain : Floral Sales Software
Geography :  US
Client Description : Komet Sales is a secure, web-based, software as a…Read More

k12ology : Education Domain

Domain : Education
Geography :  US
Client Description : K12ology, Inc. is an Innovative Partner that uses proven business processes and…Read More

Pratesis : IT Services Domain

Domain : IT Services
Geography : Indonesia
Client Description : Pratesis, a steadily growing company with an aspiration to be…Read More

Blackline Safety : Safety & Security domain

Domain : Safety Solutions
Geography : Canada & USA
Client Description : Blackline Safety Corp. is a publicly traded wireless location…Read More

S & W Technologies : Health & Safety domain

Domain : Health & Safety
Geography : USA
Client Description : S&W Technologies has over twenty four years of expertise…Read More

Exterro : Software Domain

Domain : E- discovery software
Geography : USA & India
Client Description : Exterro was founded with the simple vision…Read More

PristX : Insurance Domain

Domain : Insurance
Geography : USA
Client Description : Providence Risk & Insurance Services, Inc. was founded in 1996 by…Read More