Case Study on Bitach Insight

Geographical Location Tools Used Domain Name
USA BI Tool : Jaspersoft AWS Instance Finance Domain ( Account Receivable Management )

Company Overview

Bitach is a financial company specializing in Account Receivable Management; offering range of services for the growing companies. In this area they buy, collect, sell, consult and also specialize in distressed consumer receivable and recurring payment administration.They purchase and manage portfolios of consumer distressed assets ranging from Healthcare receivables, Charged off Credit Card accounts, Overdraft Accounts, and Personal Lines of Credit to name a few.

Problem Statement

Bitach had built their BI and analytics platform on Jaspersoft AWS platform. Bitach wanted any guest to have the ability to add organization/user, and then be able to upload data in a specified format and immediately should be able to access the reports dashboards and data analysis solution built using Jaspersoft. This entire user and organization registration, data uploading and reports creation should be automatic without their intervention. This was not directly possible using Jaspersoft and required change in the code level of Jaspersoft as well as creation of plugins to work on top of it.
Having in-depth expertise of not only building solution on top of Jaspersoft but also knowing the code inside out, we were able to implement those functionality as per customers expectations.

Solution Developed

Helical understood the requirement thoroughly. A lot of functionality which was not directly available out of the box was implemented using custom coding and making changes in Jaspersoft code.

On the customized Jaspersoft home page, we had added signup form, using which an end user can add any organization and user, which are then immediately added and reflected inside the organization & users list of Jaspersoft.

Signup Page

Signup Page

On the registration page, a user is required to fill the company name.



Then a database search is performed at the backend, if the name matches then a new user can be created in the existing organization by filling the following information.


The newly added user and his login credentials are added inside Jaspersoft as well. Using these credentials he can login inside Jaspersoft.

If the name doesn’t match then a new organization can be added by clicking the link.


Multiple users can be added inside a single organization with proper user data level security. From the database perspective every organization has their own separate database which cannot be used by other registered organizations. Users information is added to their respective organizational databases. All the created databases have a common database schema.

With every new organization creation, that respective organization folder is added inside Jaspersoft repository. We have created generic reporting templates, and those JRXMLs are automatically put in here. DB schema remaining the same for all the organizations, these newJRXMLs which are pasted they as well work.

Inside Jaspersoft via custom coding we had added data uploading functionality.


When a user is loggedin and clicks on the data uploader link, an interface opens allowing for upload and download information. There are two types of information stored in the database; Accounts and Payments. Once the user choose to download file then the file is downloaded in csv format. The downloaded csv file contains no data but only header information. The csv file needs to be populated in precisely the same format.

In the uploading process, user need to select the category the information belong to like account or payments.


Once the file upload is requested following custom checks are performed which are:

  1. Check for file empty
  2. Check for file corruption
  3. Data come from

If there is an error then the file will not upload and appropriate message is provided, else the file is uploaded in the organization specific database. Now the user can see the reports inside Jaspersoft based on the uploaded information.

 Reports and Dashboards :

We had created the Adhoc reports and dashboards that helped the client to perform various analysis. The various reports are:

  1. Monthly comparison by Agency
  2. Collector Performance report
  3. Daily Performance Report
  4. Accounts Report , etc

At last Helical IT Solution successfully fulfilled the client requirements with the quality skillset and experience shown. The solution helped Bitach to attract the prospects by providing high quality Business Intelligence solution. Bitach able to expand their business more with solution provided. Also using the sign up feature Bitach allowing the user to create account without intimation. A user can enjoy the data storage facility also can check the quality of reports as needed. Currently the BI solution is named as “Bitach Insight”.