This blog will teach you how to call Static jrxml  files in HDI (Helical Dashboard Insights).

To call static jrxml file from hdi , we need 3 files

  1. “.EFW” extension file
  2. “.html” file
  3. Required “.jrxml” file

Eg:- here I have integrated “SkillChart” in jasper and now I want to call its jrxml through hdi

So now , I have

  1. “Skill Chart 0.1.jrxml” file ,
  2. “SkillChart.EFW” extension file in which I have given its template file name,
  3. The Template file i.e, “skillChart.html”

       “SkillChart.EFW” code:


“skillChart.html” code :


Rupam bhardwaj

Helical IT Solutions

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