Data visualization using C3 – Javascript library

This library is used to create a dynamic and interactive data visualizations. C3 is a library build on top of D3. C3 is d3 based reusable chart library and most important advantage of using c3 is that you don’t have to know D3 or write those long codes!. With c3 its very simple to make chart its …Read More

Roles and Permissions in liferay

Roles and Permissions in Lifeary  Role is a collection of permissions. In liferay, We can create role  and assign this particular role to any user. After assigning, this user will inherit all the assigned permisions. There are different kind of roles in liferay: 1) Regular Role 2) Organizaition Role 3) Site role To define permissions …Read More

Embedding highcarts in HDI

                                                                               Embedding highcarts in HDI   We can embed highcharts( in HDI (Helical Dashboard Insight). To use …Read More

Jasper Server External Database Authentication

                                                                 JasperServer External Database Authentication Jasper Report Server can be configured to perform authentication and authorization using external table. Purpose This kind of authentication …Read More

I-Report Bands

                                                                                                        I-Report Bands   A jasper report is composed by a set of sections named as “bands”.  Every band contains few properties such as height. Band height should be greater than 0, otherwise it will never be visible to user.  The band height can grow if elements inside it are stretched. Default Bands in …Read More

HDI Installation guide

HDI Installation Guide Here, we are going to discuss installation process of HDI. Installation process of HDI is very simple, you just need to follow below mentioned steps: STEP-1 Get or download the latest .war file of HDI. STEP-2 Copy this war file to {TOMCAT-HOME}/webapps folder. After few seconds, you can see Tomcat has created …Read More

Sending Mail Using JavaMail API

Here, we are going to see how to send mail using JAVA MAIL API. First, you need mail.jar in your project. If you have, copied it otherwise you can download. Here are few notes, when you are going to create program for mail sending: 1)     It is always better to create SESSION instance in your …Read More


In liferay, Administrator of any Organization is able to delete, update or change user details of any other organization which is not secure to organizations. User Details of any other organization should not display to any other organization admin. To avoid the above scenario, it is required to change permissions and role for organizations admin. …Read More