XmlSlurper in Groovy This class belongs to the  package groovy.util.XmlSlurper. The XmlSlurper is very useful in groovy to handle XML related operations   The constructor XmlSlurper() can be used to create a very loose (non-validating and namespace-aware) instance. XmlSlurper parsers The parse method has many flavors. The parse method returns a GPathResult object. parse(File file) : XML …Read More

Display Text Values Diagonally in Jasper Reports

Display Text Values Diagonally in Japser Reports Here we will discuss how to display the Text Values Diagonally in  Jasper Reports with a simple Example, Prerequisites:: Ireport 5.6 ,Jasper server 5.6 DataBase : Foodmart In this Example ,we will display the column headers diagonally by using a Table Component Step 1:Create a sample report contains …Read More