Handlebarjs quick facts 1. Handlebar.js is a powerful templating engine based on the Mustachejs. 2. Handlebarjs can be added using the <script>// tag with local repository or using a cdn link. 3. This templating engine uses {{ }} symbol exclusively thus they resembel the handlebars of a cycle. 4. Any variable insied the {{ }} are …Read More

Exploring JavaScript’s undefined

When we are working with JavaScript operators, we need to pay utmost attention on how we use them. For example let’s create a simple function which takes two arguments a, b. function foo(a, b) { a = a || “value”; b = b || 4; alert(“a is: “+ a + “; b is: ” + …Read More

JavaScript Event Simulators in Selenium

Each browser has their own WebDrivers. Chrome has Chrome WebDriver, Mozilla has Gecko and Internet Explorer has IE WebDriver. So why are these webdrivers used for? The answer is, if you want to automate a web application, there has to be compatibility with the browser on which you want to automate your web application. Hence …Read More

Using Multi-select parameter in Jasper

Using Multi-select parameter in Jasper Parameters can be the filter conditions which can be applied in the data-visualizations. This bog gives steps wise description of creating a multi-select parameter while developing report. There are 2 different types of Parameters 1. Single select 2. Multi-Select creating Parameter in Jasper Studio: For Example there are employees in …Read More

Report’s sections controlled by input control

Report’s sections controlled by input control Requirement: In this blog, I am going to discuss how we can enable/disable the different sections of the jasper report through input control. Solution overview: In main report I am using two subreports which will be linked to input controls through print when expression. Let us discuss in detail …Read More

Neo4j : Graph Database

Neo4j : Graph Database NoSQL graph database Usecases : include matchmaking, network management, software analytics, scientific research, routing, organizational and project management, recommendations, social networks, and more. Neo4j implements the Property Graph Model efficiently down to the storage level. Neo4j provides full database characteristics including ACID transaction compliance, cluster support, and runtime failover, making it …Read More

MongoDB Connector for Apache spark

MongoDB Connector for Apache spark Spark supports connector for MongoDB , through we can execute SQL queries on MongoDB as well as we can perform spark RDD tranformations on MongoDB data. With the connector, you have access to all Spark libraries for use with MongoDB datasets: Datasets for analysis with SQL (benefiting from automatic schema …Read More

Alternative approach of using Insert/Update Step for Upsert in PDI

What is an UPSERT? UPSERT is a combination of two activities in a table i.e. Update and Insert based upon a unique key(Unique iD). A Relational database uses MERGE JOIN to perform UPSERT operation on data where it updates if there is any change on the existing data and INSERTS if there is a new …Read More

Create A Custom Table Report using Helical Insight (Dynamically Picking the Columns Names and Data)

Create A Custom Table Report using HI (Dynamically Picking the Columns Names and Data) If you have already had a Hands-On experience on the Helical Insight Tool [HI tool] then this blog would be helpful For a creating a report there are 4 files required 1. EFW 2. HTML 3. EFWD 4. EFWVF the Report …Read More

Change Hive metastore from derby to MySQL

  Change Hive metastore from derby to MySQL   Machine : UBUNTU-14.04 |  Hive :  HIve 1.2.1 To change Hive Metastore from Derby to MySQL we need to follow these 8 simple steps,   Step-1 : First we need to install Mysql and its dependencies on system. Command-1 : sudo apt-get install mysql-server Note: Click Next > …Read More