Dynamic Table CRUD using JTable This plugin can be used to create datatable an forms. Simple CRUD based applications can be created using the JTable. How to use JTable? 1. Create a div with id “targetContainer” where we want to load the table content dynamically. 2. $(‘#targetContainer’).jtable(‘load’); This statement binds the div with the dynamically …Read More

Pivot Table in Jasperstudio

Pivot Table in Jasperstudio Often there comes the requirement  to create pivot table while creating reports in  jasper. No doubt one can always use crosstab component. But sometimes crosstab doesn’t give data in required form as grouping is done on column and row basis and measure’s are always present in the end. One such limitation …Read More

Event Delegation

First let’s create HTML of an unordered list (ul). HTML <ul id=”todo-app”> <li class=”item”>Item 1</li> <li class=”item”>Item 2</li> <li class=”item”>Item 3</li> <li class=”item”>Item 4</li> </ul> Event Delegation technique: Suppose if you have attached the event listener click on li rather than on ul, then you are attaching the listener to every li element and if …Read More