Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) Using JNDI, applications running in distributed environment, helps to look up services independently. How JNDI is useful?  During deployment sequence, the same JNDI name can be used in different servers.  It helps to provide security of credential leakage to the user groups like developer, testers, stagers etc, because the …Read More

Schedule JasperServer Repository Export

Schedule JasperServer Repository Export Export of JasperServer Repository : Access the server where jasperserver is installed. It can be on your local machine as well as on remote server. If the jasperserver is installed in local machine then run command in command prompt. Else connect to the remote server through putty and run commands. Jasperserver …Read More


Loading CSV File BatchWise -Talend

Loading CSV File BatchWise -Talend In a ETL-Job when the source is a flat file for example a CSV File and size of the file is large. To load large files your job has to read the whole file at a time. It puts load on the server which runs the job. Instead of reading …Read More