Groovy Helpful Tips

Groovy Helpful Tips Here are some useful information when using groovy Single Line comment in Groovy // We can comment using // in groovy as in Java. Multi Line comment in Groovy /* Multi-line comment style is same as in Java */ Documentation comment in Groovy /** * Similar to Java commenting Style */ Shebang …Read More

Generate Month to Date Report using SQL

         Generate Month to Date Report using SQL In this blog we will learn on how to put together a SQL statement that returns the MTD value. Month-to-date (MTD) is a period, starting from the beginning of the current month and continuing up to the present day. Month-to-date is used in many contexts, mainly for recording …Read More

JavaScript Timers

It is well known fact that JavaScript by nature is single-threaded which says that only one part of JavaScript code executes at a time. And interesting thing about timers is, they gets executed irrespective of other threads that are already in queue and also never interrupts another currently-running timer. It is important for a complex …Read More

Guide to Slowly Changing Dimensions [Intro + Type 1]

Guide to Slowly Changing Dimensions [Intro + Type 1] Firstly what is a dimension? A dimension is a structure that categorizes facts and measures which can be used to understand business requirements. What is a Slowly Changing Dimension? A Slowly Changing Dimension are dimensions that change slowly over time. Why is it needed? In Data …Read More

Audit Diagnostic & Monitoring of reports in jasper server pro 6.3

•Auditing stores key events that are of interest to system administrators, such as login/logout time, user, report generated, report details, and object sizes. The audited events can be saved and moved to an archive automatically after a specified number of days. •Monitoring is based on audit events and provides a multi-dimensional Domain to create Ad …Read More

Domain Security in Jasper using attributeService mechanism

Domain Security in Jasper using attributeService mechanism attributeService – attributeService gets hierarchical attributes for user. From Jasper V6.0 , we can set attributes on User level , Tenant or Organization and on Server level. In addition to the attributes assigned on User level , a user can inherit attributes from its Tenant or Server level. …Read More