JENKINS What is..? Jenkins is a tool (web application ) that helps in continuous integration of projects. It is open source and has capability to manage any types of build software. Jenkins can be seamlessly integrated with any testing and deployment environment. Continuous Integration. In software developement life cycle, there are various pahses of the …Read More

Get the Row Count in PDI Dynamically

Get the Row Count in PDI Dynamically Often people use the data input component in pentaho with count(*) select query to get the row counts. And pass the row count value from the source query to the variable and use it in further transformations.The more optimised way to do so can be through the built …Read More

CROSSTABS in Pentaho Report Designer and few limitations — EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE

CROSSTABS in Pentaho Report Designer (EXPERIMENTAL FEATURE) Crosstabs are easy and relatively easy way to visualize tabular data along two or more axis. Crosstabs are still experimental feature, and as such are not up to mark in BI reports. Alhough they are already used to create some really useful reports, they still have parts which …Read More

How to make input control Labels collapsible in jasper server using Optional jsp.

We need to create our own Jsp Example : lets say Optional.jsp is our jsp which should be kept under location in your jasperserver jasperreports-server-6.2.0\apache-tomcat\webapps\jasperserverpro\WEBINF\jsp\modules\inputControls In this path you can see DefaultParametersForm.jsp which having empty template- <%–Include templates–%> <ul class=”list inputControls” id=”inputControlsContainer”></ul> <%– input controls container –%> <jsp:include page=”InputControlTemplates.jsp” /> –so you can add the …Read More

What are different types of dimensions in DataWarehouse?

What is Dimension in Datawarehouse? Anything which measure facts like time,length,status,ID,date,place,codes,flags with its description,audit and other attributes is stored in table is called as dimension. It contains the description of the buisness, without dimensions it is very difficult to measure the facts. Dimension is the attribute of facts. Types of dimension in Datawarehouse? Conformed Dimension: …Read More

Scheduling Jobs in Pentaho Data Integration

Scheduling Jobs in Pentaho Data Integration The following are the steps to schedule a kettle job: In the main kettle job (.kjb) , there is a START icon should be there. Double click on the icon and it will pop up a job scheduling window as follows: By default, the type is No Scheduling and …Read More

Merge Join Vs Stream lookup in Pentaho DI

Merge Join Vs Stream lookup in Pentaho DI Merge Join: It joins two data sets which are coming from two table Inputs. In this steps the below Types of Joins are available: FULL OUTER: all rows from both sources will be included in the result, with empty values for non-matching keys in both data streams …Read More

Parameterized BIRT Reports – Multi-Select Parameter

Parameterized BIRT Reports – Multi-Select Parameter This blog will help you add a multi-select parameter in BIRT report and filter the data. In the last blog, we parameterized a “sales report” by adding a single select parameter “store city” to it. (You may refer it here). We will now convert this same parameter to a …Read More

Cancelling long running queries using Jdbc API

Cancelling long running queries using Jdbc API In this blog, I will share my experimentation with query cancellation timer. The objective is to cancel those queries which take a lot of time to execute. The Jdbc API provides Statement.cancel() method to cancel the statement being run. But, this method should be called from a different …Read More

Difference between SQL and MDX

Difference between SQL and MDX The MDX (Multi Dimensional Expressions) syntax appears very similar to the SQL syntax and also functions somewhat similar to the way SQL performs. But there are many differences, basically conceptual differences, between SQL and MDX. The basic difference between MDX and SQL is the ability of MDX to reference multiple …Read More