Introduction of Attributes in Jaspersoft Datasurce Definitions

Introduction of Attributes in Jaspersoft Datasurce Definitions From Jaspersoft Version 6.0 , we have the option to create atrributes on Datasource Definitions. We can achieve this by defining atrributes on below three levels : 1. Server Level 2. Organization(Tenant) Level 3. User Level Below is an example of defining datasource by using Attributes on Tenant …Read More


C3 is JavaScript library which builds on top of D3. D3 is also JavaScript library used to make complex visualisations. D3 is too advanced, often we just want to add a simple graph to a webpage to show some statistics. C3 allows us to do that without knowing all the complexity of D3 by wrapping …Read More


Groovy Language Groovy can run on JVM Groovy scripts can be executed using groovy jar file. Annotations are supported in groovy. Groovy installation. Binary download link The binary can be run from command prompt Set GROOVY_HOME, GROOVY_HOME\bin variable as enviroment variable. After installing and running in the command line you get the groovy shell(groovysh). …Read More

Dynamic Schema Processor: How to implement security in Pentaho using Dynamic Schema Processor

Implementation of Security in Pentaho using Dynamic Schema Processor          In my earlier post, I had explained the meaning of Dynamic Schema processor (DSP) and why do we need it. Now if you have a Mondrian Schema uploaded to the BA Server and you would like to modify it in the run time. For instance …Read More

Developing Custom Maven Plugins

Writing Custom Maven Plugins In this article I would like to point you to a very handy concept i.e. writing custom maven plugins to facilitate in your build process. If you are a Java developer then you must have been familiar with Maven. Basically maven is a build tool (but its developers say that it …Read More

Conditional Styling in Pentaho Report Designer

Conditional Styling in Pentaho Report Designer   Today in this blog we’ll specifically concentrate on how to implement specific conditions in Pentaho Report designer. Here we’ve basically concentrated on the styling front whereas PRD gives a wide number of conditioning option ranging from styling to formatting to each and every smaller detail one could use …Read More

Arrays in JavaScript

Here is the question. Suppose you are given two arrays as key, value pairs and asked you to associate them as Object with the same, who would you do that? So, here is the solution for it. function associateArrays(keys, values) { if(!Array.isArray(keys) || !Array.isArray(values)) { throw new TypeError(“Expected two Arrays”); } var result = {}; …Read More

Understanding form tag’s target attribute

form tag has a target attribute, which can be used the control the response after the form submission. target can take one the following values: _blank: The response will be displayed in new tab/window _self: The response will be displayed in same frame. This is the default value _parent: The response will be displayed in …Read More

ETL Checklist

ETL Checklist ETL Checklist is the things to know when you starting a ETL project. Database Connections: Metadata and the jar files required for Source and Target Databases Source data : We will have multiple sources and some times Single source also. We need to check is there any redundant data . We need to …Read More

Hello World in React

React is a view library by facebook. The easiest way to get started with it using jsfiddle. Here we will have a look at writing a simple Hello world in react. The following code will render “Hello World!” inside h1 in div#main. ReactDOM.render( <h1>Hello World!</h1>, document.getElementById(“main”) ) The HTML like syntax you see is called …Read More