Object Identification In Selenium

Object Identification In Selenium: Object identification is a very crucial part of any automation effort be it in QTP, selenium or any other tool for that matter. So it makes it very important for each one of the automation folks around to be able to identify the objects used in the automation effort Identifying Objects …Read More

Types of Dimensions in Data warehouse

Types of Dimensions in Data warehouse What is Dimension? Dimension table contains the data about the business. The primary keys of the dimension tables are used in Fact tables with Foreign key relationship. And the remaining columns in the dimension is normal data which is the information about the Objects related to the business. Eg: …Read More

Resolving Mysql Connectivity issue in Pentaho Schema workbench

The issues pertaining to driver and jar files is quite common in the connectivity sector. In this blog we will concentrate on how to resolve the same with MYSQL as our selected DB. Initially when we get an error as the below screenshot shows, it simply implies that something is wrong with the JAR file …Read More

External Authentication with Jasper Server

External Authentication with Jasper Server   Jasper Server by default uses its internal authentication process, where any users,roles, organizations created from Jasper Server reside in its internal repository. It utilizes the Spring Security architecture to allow external authentication of users. Authorization (repository access permissions, access to various modules of Jasper) cannot be externally defined but …Read More

Delete Duplicate records from a table without Primary key

To find the duplicate records in the data and delete them   Specifications: There is a table tbl1 with columns  as follows     The data is as follows: Query is to be written to find the duplicate records and delete them.   Here by Duplicate record we mean the record which is getting repeated. …Read More

Postgres Crosstab function

The crosstab function is used to produce “pivot” displays, wherein data is listed across the page rather than down. For example, we might have data like row1 val11 row1 val12 row1 val13 … row2 val21 row2 val22 row2 val23 … which we wish to display like row1 val11 val12 val13 … row2 val21 val22 val23 …Read More

Arrays & Objects (in OOP)

In this post, we first discuss Arrays in a loop and then we move on to Objects in Object Oriented JavaScript Programming. So, there is an array as: var input = [“js”, “css”]; var config = { “build” : [“js”, “css”, “version”], “js” : [“core”, “react”, “angular”], “css” : [“less”, “sass”] }; var tasks = …Read More

Helical Insight for ETL Tester (QA)

Helical Insight for ETL Tester (QA) Let’s take an example that your ETL developer has just wrote an ETL script, which loaded the data into the Data Warehouse, few millions of records got inserted into the Data Warehouse. For QA, it is super difficult to test all (millions) of the data and also a time …Read More


HI (Helical Insight) is a reporting tool (BI tool) that helps in Data Visualization of various kinds like Tables, BarCharts, LineCharts, etc. It is a very good tool since its use is simple and easy. HI has a feature called “Adhoc data visualizer” or simply “ADHOC”. Adhoc makes data visualization amazingly easy since the user …Read More