Embedding highcarts in HDI

                                                                               Embedding highcarts in HDI   We can embed highcharts(http://www.highcharts.com/) in HDI (Helical Dashboard Insight). To use …Read More

Use BuiltIn parameters in Jasper Reports

Use BuiltIn parameters in Jasper Reports Jasper provides few builtIn parameters which can be used in JRXML. Click on this link for more information Following are few builtin parameters LoggedInUserFullName : Type of this parameter is ‘String’. This parameter gives you full name of loggedin user. LoggedInUsername : Type of this parameter is ‘String’. This …Read More

Destructuring in ES2015

Destructuring in ES2015 Destructuring is a new way to extract values from nested objects and arrays. It was introduced as a part of ES2015 a.k.a ES6, which is new standard for ECMAScript. This blog post describes how it works with suitable examples. Syntax Array destructuring Below is a simple example showcasing array destructuring. var foo …Read More

Introduction to LifeRay

What is LIFERAY ? Liferay is a Web Portal which is free and open source enterprise portal project written in Java and distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License and optional commercial license. We can use Liferay Portal for developing websites which are simple to create as well as it provides a robust platform …Read More

Beginner’s Guide to Crosstab in Business Intelligence Using Jaspersoft IReport

What is Cross Tab? A Table is just of 2 Dimension but at times we do need our table to be represented in a 3 dimensional manner or in a Dynamic Manner. Why? Take for example a table with 2 data set i.e. in the row we have countries and in the column we have …Read More

Mongo DB Aggregation – Part II – The Aggregation Framework

Mongo DB Aggregation(Part 2) – The Aggregation Framework   The Mongo DB aggregation framework or aggregation pipeline lets you define a data processing pipeline. It takes multiple documents in a collection, puts them through the multiple Stages we define and transforms them into an aggregated result. It allows us to do much more complex aggregation …Read More

Is your Business Intelligence tool really Intelligent?

According to Forrester blog a typical BI tool costs $1,50,000/- and ETL costs about the same. Services, hardware and implementation generally scale up to 5 times the software cost. It is after investing so much  that most businesses realize that the solution they have purchased is not really future ready. As the business expands, number of …Read More

Full Outer Join by using tmap in Talend

Full Outer Join by using tmap in Talend In tMap, the default Join Model is Left Outer Join and also we have  Inner Join as another Join Model. Suppose if we need the result for full outer join ,you can follow the below process. I have Customers.csv and City.csv as my two delimited files. where …Read More

MySql case sensitive table names issue on Windows/Linux

MySql case sensitive table names issue on Windows/Linux   Moving a MySQL database from Windows to Linux .Many times we faced the problem that on Linux the names of the tables are case sensitive due to that we can’t find tables. Solution :- Note: Just altering the “lower_case_table_names” setting isn’t enough. It needs to be …Read More