Introduction to SpagoBI

Introduction to SpagoBI   SpagoBI allows to produce reports using structured information views (lists,tables, crosstabs, graphs) and it allows the multidimensional analysis through OLAP engines, which are more flexible and user-friendly, compared to structured reports overall architecture is composed of five modules: SpagoBI Server: The main module, which provides all the BI capabilities, is the …Read More


 Cubes The data structures used in the OLAP are multidimensional data cubes or OLAP cubes: An OLAP cube is a multidimensional database that is optimized for data warehouse and online analytical processing (OLAP) applications. An OLAP cube is an array of data understood in terms of its 0 or more dimensions. OLAP is an acronym …Read More

What is DevOps in SDLC?

What is DevOps in SDLC? There are lots of opinions about what is covered under DevOps and what’s not. Is it a culture? Is it a job title? Is it a way of organizing? Or just a way of thinking? We think it’s a still-evolving movement so let’s not get stuck on limiting it too …Read More

Alfresco 5.0d Community Installation using Setup wizard

Alfresco community installation using setup wizard: Downloaded the following file from the Alfresco website and installed it on my windows 8.1 machine. Setup file name : alfresco-community-5.0.d-installer-win-x64.exe And following are the configuration details : Default language : English Installation Type : Advanced Components installed : 1.Java (this is JRE only) 2.PostgreSQL 3.Solr1 4.Solr4 5.SharePoint 6.Web …Read More

Login to a website and take screenshot using PhantomJS on the server side

Login to a website and take screenshot using PhantomJS on the server side In this blog I will discuss about taking screenshots using PhantomJS by logging in to a site and taking screenshot a particular link or URL. I am not going describe how PhantomJS can be invoked on the server side. Taking screenshots of …Read More

Introduction to Design Patterns

Introduction to Design Patterns Design Patterns In software engineering, a design pattern is a general repeatable solution to a commonly occurring problem in software design. A design pattern isn’t a finished design that can be transformed directly into code. It is a description or template for how to solve a problem that can be used …Read More

Understanding Immutable.js

Before jumping into its documentation, we need to understand the concept behind the evolution of Immutable.js. And in this post, we just focus on basics of Immutable.js. So, what is Immutability? The whole point of immutable objects is that if you have a reference to an immutable object you don’t ever have to bother checking …Read More

JMX -Java Monitoring Extension

Java Monitoring Extension JMX is one of the most useful way in java environment to debug applications. We can use different JMX tools to connect to the JMX  port and monitor the status of our application. Information of the memory usage, the total number of instances, the object references etc can be tracked easily. In tomcat …Read More

Jasper Server External Database Authentication

                                                                 JasperServer External Database Authentication Jasper Report Server can be configured to perform authentication and authorization using external table. Purpose This kind of authentication …Read More

Convert Comma Seprated Profile Attribute to list in Jasper Reports

Convert Comma Separated Profile Attribute to list in Jasper Reports   As we know, we can add profile attribute to jasper server but which accepts only string type parameter. So this blog will help you to convert string profile attribute to list. We know that the built in parameter LoggedInUserAttribute_<Attribute Name> is used to access …Read More