Map Reduce In MongoDB

MongoDb Map Reduce Map-reduce is a data processing paradigm for condensing large volumes of data into useful aggregated results. For map-reduce operations, MongoDB provides the map Reduce database command. The mapReduce command allows you to run map-reduce aggregation operations over a collection. The mapReduce command has the following prototype form: db.runCommand( { mapReduce: <collection>, map: <function>, reduce: <function>, …Read More

Case Study Report On PCNI OpenHMIS Reports

Case Study Report On PCNI OpenHMIS Reports   Customer : Pathways Community Network institute (PCNI) Geographical Location : Atlanta, Georgia (USA) Tools Used : DB used    : MySQL, Postgres, Oracle BI Tool       : Jaspersoft Community Edition Company Overview : Pathways helps communities strengthen responses to poverty and homelessness through increased collaboration and …Read More

Uses of Spring’s ApplicationContext while using reflection

Uses of ApplicationContext while using reflection Generally speaking, Spring’s ApplicationContext is not advised to be used in the project business logic code as it binds the code to Spring API. But, if your application is using Spring API a lot then it is okay to use the ApplicationContext interface to get the beans created in …Read More

Map Reduce in Mongo db :

Map Reduce in Mongo db : This Blog will teach you, how to write Map reduce in Mongo DB . Map Reduce is a concept that process large volume of data into aggregated results. To use Map Reduce Concept in Mongo DB , create one command called “mapReduce”. This mapReduce() function fetch data from collection …Read More

Welcome Page Customization For JasperSoft on the Basis of Roles

On Welcome page of Jaspersoft, Login is based on Some Roles assigned to particular user ,as per that we have an access on Jaspersoft. If anyone wants to create their own user with Roles, they simply do it by making following changes in particular files. Let us consider that we are creating following three different …Read More