ReactJS 101

ReactJS 101 ReactJS is a javascript library by facebook for building state aware UI. Today we’ll be looking at how to get started with it. The following examples are taken from the offical page Setup Download react from here and save in folder of your choice. (At the time of writing this, React version was …Read More

Case Study report on Envision Global using Helical Insights (HI)

Case Study Report on Envision Global Leadership (EGL) using Helical Dashboard Insights (HDI)   Customer : Envision Global Leadership (EGL) Geographical Location : Los Angeles, California Tools Used : DB   :  MySQL ETL :  Talend open studio BI    :  Helical Dashboard Insight (HDI)   Company Overview : Envision Global Leadership (EGL) is an …Read More

Introduction to “Helical Insights”

  Helical Helical Insight is our own BI tool. Helical Insight consists of different 5 layers: 1) Templating Layer:In this layer dashboard is defined.It is a end user interaction layerthis is realated to the JavaScript framework layer. 2) Javascript framework Layer:All the interaction with the Templating layer is done by this layer.It also communicate with the Data Layer …Read More

Business Intelligence in E-commerce Sector

Business Intelligence in E-commerce Sector Electronic Commerce or e-commerce is the trade of products and services by means of the Internet or other computer networks. E-commerce provides customers with a platform to search product information through global markets with a wider range of choices,which makes comparison and evaluation easier and more efficient.Managers can make right …Read More

Best Practices to Use while Writing SQL

Best Practices to Use while Writing SQL Always use table aliases when your SQL statement involves more than one source If more than one table is involved in a from clause, each column name must be qualified using either the complete table name or an alias. The alias is preferred. It is more human readable …Read More

Visualize.js – The Input Controls API

Visualize.js – The Input Controls API In my first blog about visualize.js, we looked at the basics, a small introduction of the API with example. The example covered 3 basic things – authentication, report rendering and sending parameters to the report. In this blog, I am planning to look into the API for the Input …Read More

VisualSVN Server Setup on Windows

VisualSVN Server Setup on Windows VisualSVN Server: VisualSVN Server is a freeware Apache Subversion server package for Windows. The package is designed and implemented to provide Subversion version control as a first class citizen application in an Active Directory environment. System Requirements:   1. Operating Systems Supported. Windows Server 2008 or later Windows Vista or …Read More


While working with database using plain old JDBC, it becomes cumbersome to write unnecessary code to handle exceptions, opening and closing database connections etc. But Spring JDBC Framework takes care of all the low-level details starting from opening the connection, prepare and execute the SQL statement, process exceptions, handle transactions and finally close the connection. …Read More

DB Partitioning

Partitioning enhances the performance, manageability, and availability of a wide variety of applications and helps reduce the total cost of ownership for storing large amounts of data. Partitioning allows tables, indexes, and index-organized tables to be subdivided into smaller pieces, enabling these database objects to be managed and accessed at a finer level of granularity. …Read More

Jaspersoft Ad hoc reports: Quick performance measurement & optimization tips

Measuring Ad-hoc performance 1. Log on JasperReports server as system admin (superuser by default). 2. Navigate to Manage > Server Setting > Ad hoc cache. The Ad Hoc Cache page appears, displaying all the datasets that are in the cache, sorted by age. 3. Ad Hoc performance can be quickly measured by checking values of …Read More