Get form data as an object using jQuery

Get form data as an object using jQuery jQuery has an inbuilt method serializeArray which returns the form data in the form of an array. But at times, we require the data in form of an object. For example, consider the following form: <form id="myForm"> <input type="text" name="firstName" value="John"> <input type="text" name="lastName" value="Doe"> <input type="email" …Read More

Installation Guide of RabbitVCS in Ubuntu

If you are famailier with TortioseSVN which is used on Windows Machine then RabbitVCS is equivalent of TortoiseSVN but for linux machine. You can install it using ubuntu software center , using tar package and using ppa repository. My suggestion is to use third option. Prerequisite: python 2.7 You just have to follow simple step …Read More

Start With SOAP

SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol.SOAP is a protocol for accessing web services.SOAP is based on XML. What is SOAP? SOAP is a communication protocol SOAP is for communication between applications SOAP is a format for sending messages SOAP communicates via Internet SOAP is platform independent SOAP is language independent SOAP is based on …Read More

Java Servlets and Jsps Exception Logger

Dealing with logging of exceptions in a Servlets/Jsp environment. Ideally an exception should not be caught unless it can be handled gracefully. One must use checked exceptions for all errors the application can recover from, and unchecked exceptions for the errors the application cannot recover from. But, due to lack of proper understanding(and/or due to …Read More

Talend Administration Center Configuration

Talend Administration Center Configuration Talend Administration Center is a Web-based administration application that allows Talend Studio project managers to administrate users and projects and manage access to the remote repository. If you want to refer to my previous post on Talend Enterprise Studio for DI installation using Installer then click here. Configuring the web application access: The recommended way …Read More

How to Export and Import items in Talend

Exporting items from Talend Studio Whenever we need to take backup of our project, or if there any job migration or product upgrade then we need to export all the jobs, contexts, routines, metadata of our project from Talend Studio.  So here are the steps to export items from talend:   1) Right click on Job Designs …Read More

Begining with JNI

                                                 Java Native Interface (JNI)     Java provides a framework called the Java Native Interface (JNI), with which it is possible to write native methods. A native method is a method that …Read More

Session Management in Spring Security

Before we go to spring security session management let first understand what is session and why session is required. Whenever we connect to any web server through URL, we use browser as client which uses a HTTP protocol for communication between browser and server. HTTP is a “stateless” protocol which means each time client receives …Read More

Sorting Data In Mysql Based On Field Value Of a column

This blog will teach you how to sort Data In Mysql Based On Field Value Of a column We can sort data based on field value of a column by using ORDER BY FIELD () in mysql. Database : world Table name : country If i will execute the below query : “select distinct Continent …Read More

JDBC Connection Pooling in jaspersoft

How JDBC Resources and Connection Pools Work Together in Jasper Report’s server   JasperReports Server can access any database using the JDBC (Java DataBase Connectivity) API. We can configure two types of data sources in the repository: JDBC data source – Establishes a direct connection to the database server using its JDBC driver. JasperReports Server …Read More