Responsive SVG charts

Making D3 charts responsive D3.js is one of the most popular JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data and creating charts. There many examples available on the website but none of them are responsive. And with advent of responsive design, everthing is going “mobile-friendly”, so why should charts be left behind. There are many …Read More

Transpose rows to columns using Talend Open Studio

Transpose rows to columns using Talend Open Studio To transpose rows to columns using Talend open studio could be a very challenging task which is required during data migration activities from flat files to other flat files. Major challenge in migrating this data to database table is that, the user is not aware of how …Read More

Making a Simple Interactive Map in HDI (Helical Dashboard Insights)

  Creating Interactive and Zoomable Map in HDI (Helical Dashboard Insight)   The Goal of this blog is how to make responsive, interactive and zoomable Map in HDI (Helical Dashboard Insights): For creating the Map in HDI, we are using D3.js , a javascript library. The Data to use : A special geospatial file called …Read More

Creating HTML Table with JSON Data dynamically in HDI(Helical Dashboard Insights)

This blog will teach you how to create HTML Table with JSON Data dynamically in HDI(HelicalDashboard Insights) : To create html table with json data dynamically in hdi , we need two files Demo.EFW template.html In “Demo.EFW” file , we have to call template.html file Demo.EFW:- <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ ?> <efw> <title>HDI Demo</title> <author>Rupam</author> <description>Demo Dashboard</description> …Read More

Calling Static jrxml files inHDI

This blog will teach you how to call Static jrxml  files in HDI (Helical Dashboard Insights). To call static jrxml file from hdi , we need 3 files “.EFW” extension file “.html” file Required “.jrxml” file Eg:- here I have integrated “SkillChart” in jasper and now I want to call its jrxml through hdi So …Read More


In liferay, Administrator of any Organization is able to delete, update or change user details of any other organization which is not secure to organizations. User Details of any other organization should not display to any other organization admin. To avoid the above scenario, it is required to change permissions and role for organizations admin. …Read More

Business Intelligence Project Lifecycle

Business Intelligence Project Lifecycle Project Planning Project life cycle begins with project planning. Obviously, we must have a basic understanding of the business’s requirements to make appropriate scope decisions. Project planning then turns to resource staffing, coupled with project task identification, assignment, duration, and sequencing. The resulting integrated project plan identifies all tasks associated with …Read More

How to Optimize Tmap Component in Talend

How to Optimize Tmap Component in Talend                                                                                                                                                                     Optimize Tmap component in Talend If Lookup table has few rows: Open tmap select lookup model as Load Once .This will load lookup data one time before mail flow starts. This Lookup data will be stored in memory then main flow execution is very fast with comparing …Read More

Finding MySQL Database Size

Finding MySQL Database Size Here’s the SQL script to list out the entire databases size. SELECT table_schema “Data Base Name”, SUM( data_length + index_length) / 1024 / 1024 “Data Base Size in MB” FROM information_schema.TABLES GROUP BY table_schema; SELECT TABLE_NAME, table_rows, data_length, index_length, round(((data_length + index_length) / 1024 / 1024),2) “Size in MB” FROM information_schema.TABLES …Read More

D3 Candle-Stick chart Integration with HDI (Helical Dashboard Insights)

D3 Candle-Stick chart Integration with HDI (Helical Dashboard Insights) What is HDI:- HDI allows the developer to create Dynamic chart, Dashboard .It is too much user friendly and developer friendly by the point of customization. What is D3 Candle-Stick Chart:- A  Candle-Stick concisely encodes several dimensions of data into a simple glyph. Required Result set:- -> …Read More