How Bootstrap grid works (continued)

How Bootstarp grid works (continued) In the last article, we had a look at the container, rows, columns and nesting. Now we are going to cover offset, push and pull. Offset Usually the columns come one after the other, but what if we want to provide some extra space between or center a ten column …Read More

Unit Test and JUnit Introduction

Testing is the process of checking the functionality of the application whether it is working as per requirements and to ensure that at developer level, unit testing comes into picture. Unit testing is the testing of single entity (class or method). Unit testing is very essential to every software company to give a quality product …Read More

File encryption/decryption using AES Algorithm

In this article the reader will learn about plain text file encryption using AES(Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm. In modern day cryptography AES algorithm gained much popularity because of its strength. The message to be encrypted is called the plain text or clear text. The encrypted message, which is not in human readable format is called as …Read More

How to Configure Jasper Apache-Tomcat’s Java Heap Size?

How to Configure Jasper Apache-Tomcat’s Java Heap Size? Identify apache-tomcat location from jasperserver installation place. Location can be look like “/opt/jasperreports-server-cp-5.0.0/apache-tomcat/bin”. If Tomcat running as a Linux Service incase it is a windows service it can be look like “C:\Jaspersoft\jasperreports-server-cp-5.5.0a\apache-tomcat\bin” Open and navigate through bin directory as shown in the screen shot below. Edit setenv.bat …Read More

Exception in thread “main” java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded

Different causes for OOM Every one in java development face java.lang.OutOfMemoryError now and then, OutOfMemoryError in Java is one problem which is may be due to Improper memory management by the Java code Insufficient hardware memory available to process the code Programming mistakes Memory leak Types of OOM Any of the above reason can result …Read More

Tuning a slow PostgreSQL Function

Tuning a slow PostgreSQL Function The problem I faced: I had a postgreSQL function which was getting executed from a BI Report. It was called several times in a loop with different parameters for a single report execution. The function performed poorly. The postgreSQL function had 2 “select” queries which returned a resultset based on …Read More

Create CrossTab In HDI(Helical Dashboard Insights) :

Creating CrossTab In Helical Dashboard Insight (HDI) This blog will teach you how to create Cross Tab in HDI (Helical Dashboard Insights). CrossTab uses PivotTable.js.Which is a JavaScript Pivot Table Library with drag and drop functionality. ‘PivotTable.js’ basic function is to turn a data set into a summary table and then optionally add a true …Read More

Domain Security in a Jasper Reports Server’s Multi-tenant Environment

Domain Security in a Jasper Reports Server’s Multi-tenant Environment Create two tenants/organizations CA & WA 1. Log on Jasper report’s server as superuser. 2. Navigate to Manage > Organizations. 3. Click on ‘Add Organization’ button. 4. Enter valid organization name and id CA as Organization Name (you can give ‘California’ as Organization Name) CA as …Read More

Spring Security with Hibernate

Today I’m going to talk about spring security with hibernate.  Let download the required jar and set these jars in class path of application. spring  3.2.8 RELEASE spring security 3.2.8 RELEASE hibernate Let’s implements the spring security we have 4 xml configuration files as below web.xml spring-databse.xml dispatcher -mvc-servlet.xml spring-security.xml   our web.xml file …Read More