Best Practices while doing Data Migration

Data migration is one of the most common database related task. In this blog we will talk about the best practices which should be followed while doing any data migration project   Data Migration :: It is a process of moving data from one platform to another platform. This is one of the most common …Read More

Best Practices when designing & using iReport /Jaspersoft

This blog talks about the best practices which should be followed when creating reports using iReport or Jasper studio, deploying the same on Jaspersoft server, nomenclature to be used etc.   1) Report Margins: When you develop reports for dashboards, it is advisable to keep all the margins with 0 pixels. By default margins will …Read More


  File locking provides a very simple yet incredibly useful mechanism for coordinating file accesses. Before I begin to lay out the details, let me fill you in on some file locking secrets:- There are two types of locking mechanisms: mandatory and advisory. – Mandatory systems will actually prevent read() and write() to file. – …Read More

D3 Integration with Jaspersoft / iReport / Jasper Server

There can be different methods of integrating a D3 chart inside Jasper like using iFrame, using HTML etc. Below we will try to learn in detail how to do integration of D3 chart using HTML component integration.   What is D3 Charting? D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 helps you bring data …Read More

Redirecting Talend Console logs

Talend Open studio for data integration does not have any component to redirect console trace to a file. This blog post provides the solution for Redirecting Talend Console logs to file and is very easy to follow and extend. In previous article logging-using-talend we have seen how to customize Talend logs. This article shows how to redirect Talend …Read More

How to untar / Extract a TAR file using Java

Hi, we will explain how to extract the contents of a TAR file through a Java . In order to decompress TAR file, we will be using Apache Commons Compress library, so make sure you have a copy of this library commons-compress-1.4.1.jar loaded into your classpath. You will also require Apache Commons IO library commons-io-2.4.jar in your classpath as we will use this to …Read More

Creating Candlestick Chart in iReport / Jaspersoft / Jasper Report

This blog will talk about how to create candlestick chart in Jaspersoft. PREREQUISITE S/W:- Jaspersoft(any version) iReport tool(design) d/b softwares (eg.MySql) JAVA Eclipse(if require)   WHAT IS CANDLE STICK CHART? The candlestick techniques we use today originated in the style of technical charting used by the Japanese for over 100 years before the West developed …Read More


Things we need to find out before installing Jasperserver in AWS EC2 / Linux. 1)      Identifying whether your CPU is a 64bit or not. Use below command to find it uname –m Our CPU is a 64 bit.   2)      Identify whether Jasperserver default port 8080 is open or not? Below command helps you to …Read More

Differences between Reporting and Analysis – Concepts

Differences between Reporting and Analysis – Concepts Definition        1.The process of orga­niz­ing data into infor­ma­tional sum­maries in order to mon­i­tor how dif­fer­ent areas of a busi­ness are per­form­ing. Definition         1.The process of explor­ing data and reports in order to extract mean­ing­ful insights, which can be used to bet­ter under­stand and improve busi­ness …Read More