JSON – Brief Introduction

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation.it is  lightweight .It gives us text-based open standard designed for human-readable  collection of data that we can access in a really logical manner. It is used primarily to transmit data between a server and web application, as an alternative to XML. Although originally derived from the JavaScript scripting language, …Read More

How to Enable HTTPS in Apache

HTTPS IN APACHE SERVER   What Is HTTP:   The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems. HTTP is the foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web. Hypertext is structured text that uses logical links (hyperlinks) between nodes containing text. HTTP is the protocol to exchange …Read More

Creating Jasper Reports In (iReport) Using XML As Data Source & Publishing It to Jasper Server

This blog will teach how to create Jasper Reports using iReport, the data source to be used is XML and then publish it on Jasper servcer Run iReport; it will open showing a Welcome Window, as shown in the following screenshot: 2.  DataBase (DataSource ) Connection : a.)  Click On Datasource button b) Click On …Read More

Best practices to be followed while developing jasper report using ireport / jasper studio

Software used:  i-report / jasper studio, jasperserver A)First before creating report keep in mind following things: Set page (report) properties Eg:-Page height,width,left-right margin, orientation   2.Set Same properties for palette elements  like text,static Eg:-Font style,size,horizontal –vertical alignment, Position type, stretch type.   B)check  jasperserver version comp ability, between where you are developing and where you …Read More

How to resolve Jasperserver version compatability problem when migrating reports from one version to another

This blog will talk about how to make the report compatible with another version where it is being deployed. Software used :- I-report, jasperserver (any version) Solution:- Step1) Open Your  report(.jrxml) in i-report step2)Goto Tool menu->options ->ireport menu->general->compatability Step 3)select version which you want of jasperserver. Here eg: jasperreport 4.1.3 Step4)goto (.jrxml) file of report …Read More

How to create Backup using C,Best Practices while creating CSV or txt file using C

How to create   Backup  using c? Backup   is  the  process  of  taking  the  backup of  Data  and  saving it on another location  for future Reference. This process includes Creating   CSV files or txt files  of   data on Daily basis Hourly basis. By particular Date. Making zip or creating   tar for all created the files. Uploading …Read More

Exporting project folder from jasper community server

Exporting=Downloading 1) PuTTY Give username and password 2) Go to the location of jasperserver cp 5.0.0(or any version) Example: [email protected]:cd /opt/jasperreports-server-cp-5.0.0 3) Navigate to buildomatic folder Example: [email protected]:cd /opt/jasperreports-server-cp-5.0.0/cd buildomatic 4) Execute js-export.sh file with the destination path. Syntax : [email protected]:cd /opt/jasperreports-server-cp-5.0.0/buildomatic#./js-export <location of the folder in jasper server> –output-zip <location of exporting folder>/<exporting_filename.zip> [email protected]:/opt/jasperreports-server-cp-5.0.0/buildomatic# …Read More

iReport Installation in Ubuntu Server

This small post will help you in installating iReport in Ubuntu Server. 1. Get the software from below site http://ncu.dl.sourceforge.net/project/ireport/iReport/iReport-5.5.0/iReport-5.5.0.zip 2. Unzip in your fav location Example : [email protected]:/home/softwares-installed/ You wil get a folder named below iReport-5.5.0 3. SET jdkhome in ireport.conf file File locaiton: [email protected]:/home/softwares-installed/iReport-5.5.0/etc# jdkhome=”/opt/jdk1.7.0_25/” 4. Go to this location and run ireport …Read More

Pentaho 5.0.1 CE integration with MySQL 5.0.1 CE (Windows or Linux family)

Pentaho 5.0.1 CE integration with MySQL 5.0.1 CE (Windows or Linux ) Parts Creating databases Modifying configuration files Stopping HSQL db start up Creating databases Command to execute the scripting files mysql>source  D:\ biserver-ce\data\mysql5\create_jcr_mysql.sql Similarly execute the remaining .sql files(i.e, execute create_quartz_mysql.sql and create_repository_mysql.sql) Check the databases created using show databases command on MySQL command …Read More

Logging using Talend

Logging using Talend Introduction: In this article, we will discuss about different methods of logging in Talend Open Studio. Talend is one of the widely used open source data integration tool in the market. Talend mainly uses three types of logging Statistics – Job execution statistics at component and job level Error – Job level …Read More