Pentaho Schema Workbench and Saiku Analytics – Quick Introduction

Web-based Ad Hoc Query and Reporting Pentaho web-based ad hoc query and reporting is a capability that extends Pentaho Reporting to provide end-user self-service for report creation. How does Ad-Hoc Reporting work? Web-based ad hoc query and reporting provides a browser-based wizard that allows end-users to create their own reports. The wizard uses web services …Read More

Implement Load Balancing in Jaspersoft and Pentaho and Designing a Cluster

Load Balancing in Jaspersoft and Pentaho and Designing a Cluster   Load balancing is often done in BI infrastructure to have good scalability and availability. There can be a number of methods of implementing the same, one of the method is by using Load balancer and the BI server (jasper report server or Pentaho Server) …Read More

PDI Kettle – Difference between CE and EE

Pentaho Data Integrator – Kettle along with Talend is one of the most famous Open Source ETL tool. KETTLE ( k- kettle, E- extract, T- Transform, T-Transport, L-Load, E-Environment). However, it also does come in two variations i.e. Community version (free) and Enterprise version (paid). In this blog, we would try to cover what all …Read More

Pentaho C-Tools Manul installation in CE 4.8 and 5.0 – jar files installation.

Hi guys.. Some times we can NOT access Pentaho Market place due to the proxy settings enabled…  I was trying it and unable to fix it .. will have a deep look into it… but alternatively installed Pentaho-C-Tools manually. Find the bug link below. There was some problem with proxy internet access . I …Read More

Pentaho CDE Dashboard Example – Adding few more functionality to it

I have been exploring the pentaho CDE… A small work around on it which has given me a learning experience as well understanding the power of the tool… Here is a example dashboard for you… and adding more functionality to it…. If you have data ready or want to perform BI solutions on your business …Read More