Dates in Jasper iReport – Expression for default values

This post teach you how to play with default date parameters & calculations on dates in jasper iReport. In this tutorial you learn how to make use of  “SimpleDateFormat” class and java.util.Calendar class. I) Let us start with Report Start(Start Date) and Report End(Report End) parameters. In some reports you need to give default parameters …Read More

Adding dollar($) sign to X-axis lables(values) for bar charts in pentaho CDE

Hi Guys, Using below java script one can easily add ‘$’ sign to the values of X-axis for any charts in pentaho CDE. Example: function f(v) { return “$” + sprintf(‘%d’, v/1000) + ‘k’; } Write the java code in “orthoAxisTickFormatter” java script wizard. Make sure to give orthoAxisTicks as “True” Sample output: NOTE: This …Read More

Bar chart with Target lines in pentaho CDE – making bars as lines using java script in pentaho CDE

Hi guys, This post teach you how to make bars as lines in pentaho CDE. Source for this post is : and Scenario : Some end users wants visualization of grouped bars as lines where one of the bar is as bar and remaining bars as targeted lines on the same bar. Properties …Read More