Jaspersoft System Integration (SI) Partner Helical IT Solutions

Helical, a fast growing Business Intelligent (BI) organisation, offering Open source BI solutions across verticals has been appointed by Jaspersoft as a System Integrator Partner. As per the tie-up, Helical IT Solutions will be a System Integration Partner for Jaspersoft in the India/South Asia region. As a part of this appointment, Helical IT Solutions will …Read More

Embedding BI Reports (Jasper Reports/ Jasper Server/ Pentaho Reports/ Pentaho Server)

There are many methods of embedding BI reports, this blog tries to explain the meaning of Embedded BI, different approaches which can be used, their respective advantages and disadvantages   A)     What is embedded BI? Lets say you have developed your entire BI solution which includes reports, dashboards, mashups, analysis etc, the platform which is …Read More

Change Data Capture (CDC) – Methods, Approaches, Alternatives

Change data capture : It’s the process of tracking the data that has changed so that corresponding action can be taken. Its nothing but capturing the changes which are made on the data source and applying it at all the other places, and hence it reduces the efforts required at the ETL step.   Different …Read More

MariaDB to MariaDB Data Replication Strategies

Data Replication Strategies   This blog will try to explain about the different MariaDB to MariaDB replication strategies which can be followed. Replication Benefits Replication is having a number of benefits, some of them includes: Scalability: By having one or more slave servers, reads can be spread over multiple servers, reducing the load on the …Read More

start_date and end_date parameters – giving default values – iReport

Hi Guys, This post let’s you know how to use date parameters in SQL query using between operator and using  multi select parameter. Example Query: SELECT column1, colum2 FROM XYZ_table WHERE $X{[BETWEEN], date_field_name_from_table, start_date, end_date} In this way you can use between operator for start_date and end_date parameters with multi select. Note that multiselect generally …Read More