Pentaho CDE Basics

Pentaho Community Dashboard(CDE) basics – Creating a Simple Dashboard Pentaho Community Dashboard Editor (CDE) What is CDE ? Where you can get the plug-in in Pentaho Community Server ? How to download the plug-in & what are the dependencies? Where you can find the sample examples after installing? Designing a simple DashboardCTools Website – Community …Read More

Internationalization of jasper reports – Hello world example

Hi guys.. small work out but very use full.. Generally customers want to see data in their own language. This example is developed using iReport 5.1.0 pro, Jasper server pro and foodmart db with postgresql. Sources/References : Example : Converting English to Spanish 1) From Jasper Community 2) From google translator   3) …Read More

Reading data from single data source(Single SQL Query) for two charts in pentaho CDE

Hi guys…!!! Community Dashboard Editor is the best reporting/dash boarding  tool that I have worked. It’s smart functionality made me love to work with it and exploring the things time by time. In this post you’ll learn how to fetch different columns from result set of a single query and use them in different analysis …Read More

Extract year,quarter,month & day from date input control in pentaho CDE using java script – MDX Query Scenario

Hello guys…!! Some times you need to extract the parts(year,month,day) of Date for some specific use.. For example: Assume you are creating a report with MDX query which has dimension called “Date” having levels “Year”, “Quarter”,”Month” & “Day”. (Note : Assume your schema is having Year: yyyy Quarter: 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 …Read More

Pentaho BI Server community 4.8 Installation in existing tomcat with PostgreSQL in Linux/ubantu OS

This post teach you how to install the Pentaho BI Server community 4.8 Installation in existing tomcat with PostgreSQL in Linux/ubantu OS. I’ve gone through many posts but could not find all the stuff in a single place. I just worked out and sharing the experience with it. If you find any difficulty in the …Read More

Sorting and limit the bars on bar charts in Pentaho CDE without ORDER BY and limit functions in SQL Query ( Descending order)

Hi Guys…!!! This post tech you how you can make your bar chart dynamic.. You can limit the number of bars on bar charts with out using the “limit” function in your query as well you can also sort the bars in ascending or descending order with out using ORDER by clause  in SQL. Some …Read More