Tech Tips in Penaho Server – publishing password setting for server – Disable the folder names in Browser panel in the Server

Hi guys.. The below tips are very useful in Pentaho Server for BI developers. 1) publishing password setting for server You need to publish the reports or schema(s)[developed in PSW] once you done with developing. For this you need set the publishing password for Pentaho server. Go to this location  <location of Pentaho>biserver-ce-4.8.0-stablebiserver-cepentaho-solutionssystempublisher-config.xml and edit the …Read More

Date Input Controls/ Components in Pentaho CDE with a working example

Hello guys…!!! In this post you will learn about how to create date input controls in CDE. The dashboard images which I am going to show below are having lots of .css code. I’m not covering all the things but concentrating only on Date input controls in CDE. My Environment : BI Server: Pentaho 4.5 …Read More