Dynamically hiding the columns in table component in iReport

Hi folks.. here is the next stuff I worked out today.. i.e, on dynamically hiding the columns in the table component. Introduction: For some reports we need to display data in the format of table.. To do this in iReport we use Table Component from the palette section. Sometimes to take better decision  we may …Read More

Domain based report from iReport with filters

Here are the series of steps to create a domain report from jasper iReport. In this tutorial I’m using iReport-professional5.1.0 Jasper-server 5.0 postgreSQL(foodmart database). Few points to note down about domains in jasper server and domainReport in iReport.    Community Edition of Jasper Server and iReport do not provide the feature of domains and domain …Read More

Business Intelligence in Energy Sector

Energy Efficiency :- In today’s world, where with every passing day the need for energy is increasing exponentially, the coal and other fossil reserves are depleting, energy efficiency has became a hot topic and couldn’t have been more relevant. Energy efficiency basically means using less energy to provide the same service. Energy efficiency can be …Read More

Helical IT Solutions Raises Funding

Hyderabad, May 6, 2013: Of the many IT start-up success stories there is a new one on the block to watch out for. Helical IT Solutions, a Hyderabad based technology company providing services in open source data warehousing and business intelligence services has bagged a seed funding of INR 2.5 million from Singapore based Citibank …Read More

Giving Hyperlink to text field.. Row banding implementation in Jasper iReport

Sometimes simple things might take lots of time…. Here is the tutorial ….. I’m using the following versions : iReport-Pro .5.0, Japserserver CE, Database : foodmart database in postgre SQL. I’m using two reports i) hyperlink ii)hyperlink_second I’m gonna show how we can give hyperlink in one report and how we will navigate to another report. And …Read More