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Cloud Based BI

Cloud is next evolution in BI. BI is not restricted to fixed infrastructure. Nowadays...Read More


BI dashboard is a data visualization tool that displays the current status of metrics...Read More


BI mashup can be a data mashup, charts mashup or maps mashup. Usually mashups are use...Read More


On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) is a category of software technology that enable...Read More

Custom Plugins

If you have an all together different set of requirement, an entirely different workf...Read More

Mobile BI

Whether on the road, in a meeting, or at home instant access to business information ...Read More


Today's businesses are changing at breakneck speed & a proper reporting tool/repo...Read More

Self Service BI

Self service BI is a facility that enables end users to become more independent, self...Read More

Data Modelling and ETL

Data modelling is a process used to define and analyze data requirements needed to su...Read More

Data Warehousing

Helical can consult, design and implement Data Warehouse either in Star schema or Sno...Read More

Geographical Charting

We can help you with geographical charting i.e. displaying your geographical data dis...Read More

Data Mining

Data mining is the automatic or semi-automatic analysis of large quantities of data t...Read More

An agile, efficient and much faster way of developing ETL jobs using advanced features like more control,visualization, reporting, plug & play modules, reusability etc.

Though there are many ETL tools available in the market, but using them also come with their own inherent problems, some of which are highlighted below,

Best Practices: Each and every developer does the ETL development according to his logic and his method of development; hence more often they forget to follow the best practices. These best practices are related to error handling, naming conventions, QA, QC etc.

Lack of standardization: Often not following the best practices on logging, error handling, naming conventions, documentation etc leads to lack of standardization between the different ETL jobs which have been developed amongst the different ETL developers.

Lack of control for end user: Generally in any ETL, an end user or IT administrator is often not able to see and monitor what exactly is happening. He has absolutely no control of the jobs, flags, status etc.,

…Read More


  • pristx

    PristX : Insurance Domain

    Domain : Insurance
    Geography : USA
    Client Description : Providence Risk & Insurance Services, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Diana Craft, who remains president and CEO. The original focus of the company was to administer claims for employers operating in Texas who sought an alternative…Keep Reading
  • exterro-logo-rgb

    Exterro : Software Domain

    Domain : E- discovery software
    Geography : USA & India
    Client Description : Exterro was founded with the simple vision that applying the concepts of process optimization and data science to the way companies respond to litigation would drive more successful outcomes at a lower cost.…Keep Reading
  • SW-Logo-e1425654405174

    S & W Technologies : Health & Safety domain

    Domain : Health & Safety
    Geography : USA
    Client Description : S&W Technologies has over twenty four years of expertise providing leading edge safety program solutions. These solutions have helped their customers manage information that enables them to have a positive impact on the safety and environmental…Keep Reading
  • Loner Complete logo

    Blackline Safety : Safety & Security domain

    Domain : Safety Solutions
    Geography : Canada & USA
    Client Description : Blackline Safety Corp. is a publicly traded wireless location leader (TSX.V: BLN) that develops, manufactures and markets products and services for worker safety monitoring. Website : https://www.blacklinesafety.com/Keep Reading
  • 9caafe10644707-560e870d67850

    Pratesis : IT Services Domain

    Domain : IT Services
    Geography : Indonesia
    Client Description : Pratesis, a steadily growing company with an aspiration to be a leading IT products and services provider in Indonesia, has ridden the ups and downs of the local IT market in the last twenty nine years.…Keep Reading
  • logo2

    k12ology : Education Domain

    Domain : Education
    Geography :  US
    Client Description : K12ology, Inc. is an Innovative Partner that uses proven business processes and technologies to create high performing, feature-packed web experiences for the K-12 and local government markets.  Their solutions are targeted towards engaging citizens and community leaders in…Keep Reading
  • logo-kometsales1

    Komet Sales

    Domain : Floral Sales Software
    Geography :  US
    Client Description : Komet Sales is a secure, web-based, software as a service floral sales platform that provides inventory management, prebooks, standing orders, purchase orders, order entry, accounts receivables, payment history and a series of additional tools that…Keep Reading
  • sagence_logo2

    Sagence Learning : Education Domain

    Domain : Education
    Geography :  US
    Client Description : Founded in 2007, Sagence is a publisher of college-level textbooks and educational supplements. BNET recognized Sagence learning as an industry innovator for introducing an abundance-based disruptive business model to the college textbook industry. Doing pioneering work in E-learning domain,…Keep Reading
  • University of Bridgeport

    University of Bridgeport : Education Domain

    Domain : Education
    Geography : US
    Client Description : University of Bridgeport (UB) is a private, independent university which provides diversified courses for Under Graduate and Post-Graduate programs for the students and is ranked among top 20 University in USA. Every year they give admissions to…Keep Reading
  • Canadian Bearings

    Canadian Bearings : Supply Chain Domain

    Domain : Supply Chain
    Geography :  US
    Client Description : Canadian Bearing is an organization specializing in supply chain management. They focus on delivering products and solutions efficiently to their customers. They also became industry supplier for many Canadian manufacturing companies because of their performance, continuous…Keep Reading
  • Bitach

    Bitach : Insurance Domain

    Domain: Insurance
    Geography : USA
    Client Description : Bitach is a Financial company specializing in Account Receivable Management, offering range of services for the growing companies. In this area they buy, collect, sell, consult and also specialize in distressed consumer receivable and recurring payment administration. They…Keep Reading
  • synchr

    SyncHR : Human Resource Domain

    Domain : Human Resource
    Geography : USA
    Client Description : SyncHR is an organization that provides HR solution for the enterprise users. This solution help the enterprise users to manage their HR process by giving advantages over traditional systems and it brings transparency in the system.…Keep Reading
  • technip

    Technip : Energy and Utility Domain

    Domain : Oil & Energy
    Geography : Global
    Client Description : With more than 30,000 employees worldwide, Technip is a company that carries out project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry. They deliver best quality solution to their clients to meet the energy challenges.…Keep Reading
  • CA Technologies

    CA Technologies : IT Domain

    Domain : IT
    Geography : US, India
    Client Description : Established in 1976 CA Technologies is a public listed and is one of the worlds biggest software corporation. The software and services provided by them are being used by many Fortune 500 companies. Helical had played…Keep Reading
  • PCNI

    PCNI : NGO BI Solution

    Domain : NGO
    Geography : US
    Client Description : Pathways Community Network Institute is a nonprofit organization that strengthens responses to poverty and homelessness through increased collaboration and effective use of data and technology. Pathways data and services empowers other NGOs to coordinate and provide better…Keep Reading
  • envision

    Envision Global Leadership – Training & Leadership

    Domain : Training and Leadership
    Geography : USA
    Client Description :
    Client Description : Envision is into training and leadership, helping companies to grow and develop through transformational change. Their suite of services include training, assessment, leadership classes, teleseminars, webinars, etc. Envision makes its client fill…Keep Reading
  • Numerify

    Numerify : Business Analytics on Cloud

    Domain : Business Analytics
    Geography : US and India
    Client Description : Numerify is a funded futuristic company which wants to build a disruptive cloud-native platform to deliver business analytics. Numerify founders include industry veterans from Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Microstrategy and Hyperion. Helical was a part…Keep Reading
  • Predikto

    Predikto : Manufacturing Domain

    Domain : Asset Intensive Organizations
    Geography : Atlanta, United States
    Client Description : Predikto is helping a lot of companies which rely on physical assets (esp oil & gas, transportation, pulp & paper, metal & mining). The companies (like mfg, industrial ), they have a lot…Keep Reading
  • ibntech

    IBNTech : Travel Domain

    Domain : Travel Domain
    Geography : Pune, India
    Client Description : IBNtech is a fast growing technology company providing solutions and ITES to Hedge funds, Fund of Funds, Banking, and Finance and Accounting (F&A) verticals internationally for clientèle in UK and USA. Their range of services…Keep Reading
  • Sage Human Capital

    Sage Human Capital : HR Business Intelligence

    Domain : Sage Human Capital - HR Capital Consulting
    Geography : USA
    Client Description : It is a human capital consulting company. They needed some system in place which could help in tracking the candidate progress, followup status, accepted, rejected and sending the reports automatically to…Keep Reading
  • hCentive

    hCentive : Healthcare Insurance

    Domain : hCentive - Healthcare Software Insurance
    Geography : US & India
    Client Description : hCentive provides cloud-based, healthcare technology solutions that help consumers & businesses connect, communicate and engage with health plans in an undemanding and informed manner when acquiring health insurance. hCentive provides browser-based, user-configurable…Keep Reading
  • Unified Social - Social Business Intelligence

    Unified Social Media : Social Media Analytics

    Domain : Social Media Platform Management
    Geography : US
    Client Description : Unified is the enterprise marketing technology company for brands and agencies that need to activate social audiences and impact consumer actions.  They are managing the social media platform for many big clients and for…Keep Reading

Case Studies

  • Case Study on CA Technologies

    CA technologies, a fortune 500 company with more than 75000+ employees, is into IT services and products. CA software and solutions helps the customer in driving productivity, providing differentiated user experience and growth opportunities. The portfolio of solutions that CA technologies offers are IT portfolio investments, services and assets management, application delivery, performance optimization and security. CA technologies is also capab...Read More

  • Case Study on Sage Human Capital

    Sage Human Capital is US leading human resource company. They have revolutionized HR recruiting industry by bringing introducing some innovative concepts like “talent as a service” and “SmartSource” and boast of clientele like Accenture, Jaspersoft, McAfee, Salesgenie, Adidas, Text100 to name a few.

  • Case Study on Bitach Insight

    Bitach is a financial company specializing in Account Receivable Management; offering range of services for the growing companies. In this area they buy, collect, sell, consult and also specialize in distressed consumer receivable and recurring payment administration.They purchase and manage portfolios of consumer distressed assets ranging from Healthcare receivables, Charged off Credit Card accounts, Overdraft Accounts, and Personal Lines of Credit to name a few.

  • Case Study on Envision Global using Helical Insight (HI)

    Envision Global Leadership (EGL) is an institute having expertise in providing training on leadership development. Envision helps the organization seeking leadership development by providing training for mid to upper level executives. They also provide advance level training and certifications for the executive coaching skills. Moreover envision provides the thoughtful insights, tools for the organization to improve the organizational productivity.

  • Case Study on PCNI OpenHMIS Reports

    Pathways helps communities strengthen responses to poverty and homelessness through increased collaboration and effective use of data and technology. The OpenHMIS Project is a collaborative effort, sponsored by Pathways Community Network Institute and the Georgia Dept. of Community Affairs, to build a common platform for creation of Internet-based tools to assist communities/agencies in providing services to the homeless. The OpenHMIS Proje...Read More

  • Case Study on University of Bridgeport

    University of Bridgeport (UB) is a private, independent university which provides diversified courses for Under Graduate and Post-Graduate programs for the students and is ranked among top 20 University in USA. Every year they give admission to students from across the globe for various courses like Engineering, Management and so on. For managing students they are primarily using ERP which stores information like students, subjects, courses, grades, demographics etc.

  • Case Study on Blackline Safety

    Blackline Safety is a global connected safety technology leader, providing comprehensive live-monitoring and wireless gas detection. They help teams working in hazardous environments respond to emergencies in real-time and manage efficient evacuations, accounting for everyone’s safety along the way. They deliver turn-key, work-anywhere connected safety monitoring solution with gas detection, 3G wireless, two-way speakerphone and live monitoring...Read More

Press Releases

  • Helical Scrunch - Product Release

    Helical IT has launched a new product ‘Helical Scrunch’ to solvethe existing ETL issues faced by the companies. It will reduce thetime, effort and resource requirement by approximately 30-70 percent Helical Scrunch provides an extensive control to an end user/IT admin via web interface.Helical Scrunch will lessen the complications which exist in ETL Solutions, thus resulting in saving time and resource requirement and creation of much better ...Read More

  • Jaspersoft Helical Partnership

    Owing to it's technical expertise over Jaspersoft tool, Helical IT is proud to announce that it has became Jaspersoft System Integration Partner. We work on the entire Jaspersoft BI suite (which includes CE, EE, Cloud), starting from ETL (talend open studio, talend integration suite), BI solution development, cloud and mobile deployment, SSO implementation, application integration, other charting engine integration, security implementation (appli...Read More

  • Helical IT Raises Funding

    Helical IT raised seed funding of Rs 25 lakhs from Singapore based investor in the month of May. We were able to raise funding within 6 months of our operation, and wrapped up the entire process within 3 weeks of starting to search for funding. Funding has helped the company to expand its operations, hire aggressively and also start working on their products. Coverage of :   .my-inner-div { margin...Read More

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About us

We are capable of providing simple, practical & affordable solutions which are suitable for business users right from CEO, CXO, line managers & to every end user of the enterprise. We have a quick turn around time & can provide mobile BI solutions, on premises or hosted SaaS solution, hence catering to every type of need.

Whether your enterprise is already using a business intelligence solution, or just starting to explore the possibilities, Helical can help you on all the aspects right from tool selection, ETL, Data warehouse designing & consultation, solution developement & analytics as well! We povide integration of disparate data sources and offers your users powerful interactive tools like balanced scorecards, personalized dashboards, key performance indicators, automated alerts, graphical mining, cross tab reporting and more!

Our solutions can be accessed on mobile, can be implemented on SaaS, can be accessed via web browser & also can be seamlessely integrated on your softwares or website as well.

We invite you to use the contact information on our web site to contact us today. We would be pleased to schedule a demonstration of for you and to show you what true business intelligence can do for your enterprise.

Kindly send a mail on [email protected]

  • Passing parameters from crosstab to subreport in jasper

    Passing parameters from Crosstab report to drilldown report in Jasper Studio Scenario: I have created a crosstab report and When user clicked on measure it should open a another details report by passing the same parameters being selected in crosstab report Prerequisites: Jasper Studio Workbench Jasper Server Database: Postgres – Foodmart Main Report Created a cross tab …Read More

  • Anchors in JasperReport

    Anchors in JasperReport What is anchor? Anchor provides easy access to different sections of the  report through link. One can implement this functionality in jasper using anchor expression in hyperlink. Anchor should always return ‘java.lang.String’ values. While creating jasperreports we can use anchors in text field or image element component in the irpeort. Most important thing about …Read More

  • How to increase MYSQL functions character lengths without changing validating SQL in Jasper

    How to increase MYSQL functions character lengths without changing validating SQL in Jasper Prerequisites:: Jasper Server 5.5,IReport Database:: Foodmart Scenario : I have two Tables for Table 1 i need to pass Input Control value column and for  Table2 i need to pass Input Control visible column For Table 1 I have created a multiselect parameter(Customer …Read More

  • Python – Get data from CSV and create chart

    Python – Get data from CSV and create chart Hello everyone, this blog shows how we can import data from csv and plot as mesg grid chart in python libraries, through the help of Pycharm IDE (Community Version) Prerequisite : 1. Install Python 3.6 2. Download Pycharm IDE (Community Version) 3. Basic knowledge of Python …Read More

  • Loops in Pentaho Data Integration

    Loops in PDI   If only there was a Loop Component in PDI *sigh*. But we can achieve Looping Easily with the Help of few PDI Components. Let’s take a requirement of having to send mails. Now if the mails id and files to be sent where fixed we could just use a property file …Read More

  • How to install NTP Client on Ubuntu 16.04

    How to install NTP Client on Ubuntu 16.04 To install NTP Client on Ubuntu 16.04 follow below steps : Note :To install NTP Client it have some dependency ,we need to install libopts25 package before installing NTP Client. 1.Download or use below attached libopts25 package(.deb) which supports Ubuntu 16.04   libopts25_5.18.10-4_amd64   2.Keep package file …Read More

  • Tabbed Dashboard using C3 library

    Tab Pane in Dashboard containing charts using C3 library. In this blog I’ll discuss how we can create tab menu in the dashboards  if one need html reports in the web pages. On click of these tab menus the report will change in the body section of the page. Overview : For creating different charts you …Read More

  • Recursive With Query in Postgres

    Recursive with Queries in Postgres Sometimes we might have a requirement for certain hierarchy relation in data. This can be done with the help of Recursive WITH Queries(Recursive CTE) in Postgres. Consider the example – Location is stored in table location_hierarchy.Query output will have all the children of ‘India’ along with its depth relative to …Read More

  • Analytic Query in Pentaho Data Integration

    Analytic Query in Pentaho Data Integration [LAG & LEAD] The could be a time we get a requirement as follows: Fetch Every Purchases Sum for each Customer in a year, having the following columns customerid, customername, productcost, purchasemonth Now this looks easy, but the tricky part would be fetching the PreviousPurchaseMonth he/she made a purchase …Read More

  • Export Jasper report into Specific formats using Visualize.js in JasperSoft

    Export Jasper report into Specific formats using Visualize.js in JasperSoft Pre-requisites: Used Notepad++ to create html file and jasper server enterprise 6.3 version. In jasper server for a particular jasper report we have specific options to export the report. When user wants to embed the specific jasper report in their application and if they have …Read More

  • Get historical Twitter data using Twitter4j libraries in java

    Get historical Twitter data using Twitter4j libraries in java Pre-requistes : 1. Valid twitter account 2. Some knowledge of core Java. 3. Any IDE for running Java programs and knowledge of using them. (Eclipse or InteliJ) This blog covers the following steps for getting twitter historical data : 1. Create app in twitter. 2. Download …Read More

  • Jasper server upgrade steps from CP 5.x to EE/Pro 6.x

    Jasper server upgrade steps from CP 5.x to EE/Pro 6.x Here we will see how to upgrade Jasper Server Community 5.6 to Jasper Server Enterprise 6.2 Prerequisites:: Jasper Server 5.6 Community,Java 1.8,Jasper Server 6.2 binary.zip,Linux Environment,PostgreSQL Step 1: First Take Backup of Jasper server repository folder of Jasper Server 5.6 It should be present inside …Read More

  • Cassandra Installation and Cluster Setup on Ubuntu

    Cassandra Installation and Cluster Setup Cassandra Introduction Apache Cassandra is a free and open-source distributed NoSQL database management system. It is designed to handle large amounts of data across many commodity servers, providing high availability with no single point of failure. Cassandra prerequisites Minimum hardware requirements: CPU: 2 cores RAM: 8 GB Software requirements: Java 8 Installation …Read More

  • Data Source Connection Details Passing from Jasper Server to SubReport Dynamically

    Data Source Connection Details Passing from Jasper Server to SubReport Dynamically Here is how we get it working using a MYSQL connection for a subreport which removes the need to hard code the connection to the sub report’s data source on Jaspeserver Prerequisites:: Ireport 5.6 ,Jasper server 5.6 DataBase : Foodmart,SugarCRM Step 1 : Create a Main …Read More

  • XmlSlurper

    XmlSlurper in Groovy This class belongs to the  package groovy.util.XmlSlurper. The XmlSlurper is very useful in groovy to handle XML related operations   The constructor XmlSlurper() can be used to create a very loose (non-validating and namespace-aware) instance. XmlSlurper parsers The parse method has many flavors. The parse method returns a GPathResult object. parse(File file) : XML …Read More

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  • Senior Java Developer

    Job Description for Senior Java Developer
    The software Development Engineer experience is a unique one at Helical IT Solution. Teams are structured with a strong impetus to innovate, drive end to end ownership and meet critical business goals. Candidate is also required to communicate with the client to get the requirement, estimate the effort, plan the deliverable, work with the team to deliver and deploy the code on various environment.
    We are looking for good candidates with the below mentioned skill set and with a knack to learn & with right attitude.
    Work Experience: 4+ Years
    Number of Positions open: 1-5
    Work Location: Hyderabad
    Nature of work: Full Time
    Skill set required:

    1. Technical : Mandatory C C++ UNIX Java Servlets JSPs SQL Spring Framework Hibernate Junit Data Structure Design Patterns JSON Multi-threading Apache Tomcat Web Server J2EE Spring framework Hibernate Java Design Pattern
    3. Non-TechnicalGood communication skill (writing and speaking) Self driven Team Player Problem solving attitude.
    Nice to have: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Knowledge Database knowledge
    Interested candidates or those you know will be interested can drop in your resumes at [email protected]

  • Requirement for Business Development Executive

    Job Description :

    • Working in Business Development cum Presales, you will be involved in generating new leads, pitching the client of our product and services, conversion. This could include meticulous planning and extensive documentation (which includes proposal writing, SOW – Statement of work and NDA)
    • Main area of focus will be to generate new leads with the aim of creating more sales and information awareness.
    • Scheduling appointments, preparing and delivering presentation to the client, having researched their business and requirements.
    • Working on sales follow-up activities.
    •  Maintaining customer relationships and ensuring customer loyalty through excellent customer service as well as meeting all client needs appropriate to their business.
    •  Working as part of a team and closely with other departments within the organization.
    • Creating awareness about the products and services through ATL and BTL marketing, digital marketing and blogs.
    Job Specification :
    • MBA in Marketing preferably IT background.
    • Strong presentation skills are essential.
    • Strong research and strategic analysis skills.
    • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written and be able to cold call potential clients with confidence.
    • Skilled at agreeing and closing deals with clients.
    • Must be able to operate Microsoft Office and associated programs.
    Requirement based out of Hyderabad. Kindly send in profiles to [email protected]

  • Requirement for BI developer

    We are looking for suitable candidate with 2+ years experience having skillsets on BI development.
    Preferred Requirements:

    • Must have reporting and dashboard development experience
    • Experience on jasper server, installation, troubleshooting
    • Adhoc, domain, OLAP experience
    • Experience on Jaspersoft Integration
    • White labeling of Jaspersoft
    • Good communication skills
    • Addon java development experience
    Educational Background : BE / B.Tech / MCA with good technology understanding.
    If interested, kindly mail us your updated CV on [email protected]

  • Requirement for Front-End developer

    We are looking for candidate having skillsets on front-end development.
    Requirements :

    1. Must be well acquainted with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript framework.
    2. Must have working knowledge of UI frameworks like bootstrap, foundation, etc.
    3. Should have worked with at least one MVC framework like BackboneJS, AngularJS, etc
    4. Knowledge of ReactJS preferable
    Educational Background : BE / B.Tech / MCA with good technology understanding.
    If interested, kindly mail us your updated CV on [email protected]

  • Requirement for Java Developer

    JAVA : J2EE, Spring Framework, Hibernate,Java Design pattern
    Web Application Engine : Sitemash, Velocity
    Web Server : Apache http Web Server, Apache Tomcat Web Server
    Databases : MySQL, Postgres and Any other database skillset is always welcome
    Pentaho : Pentaho BI server, 3rd Party Integration Application, BI plugin development for Pentaho Data Integrator, Pentaho report designer, Pentaho Analyzer
    Jasper : BI server, 3rd Party Integration Application, BI plugin development for Jasper BI server, iReport plugin
    Data Warehouse : Data Model design to create Data Marts/Data Warehouse/ODS/Transactional System
    Requirement based out of Hyderabad. Kindly send in profiles to [email protected]

  • Requirement for ETL Developer (Talend / Kettle)

    Knowledge on Mongo DB and Hadoop

    PDI/Talend/Jasper ETL/ ETL. Experience with the design of ETL solutions integrating multiple data source systems, data analysis, modeling, SQL tuning and design specific to a data warehouse / Business Intelligence environment (dimensional modeling) Linux/UNIX

    2 years Total Experience with the design of ETL solutions integrating multiple data source systems,data analysis, modeling, SQL tuning and design specific to a data warehouse / Business Intelligence environment (dimensional modeling) Linux/UNIX

    Requirement based out of Hyderabad. Kindly send in profiles to [email protected]

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